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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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20 hours ago, jlhoots said:

It just seems more focused & compositional to me than the few others I've tried. Could be Shipp's influence. Not sure. He's done others with Shipp, but this one just resonated more with me.

As I listened to it more it comes across as Shipp guiding the playing, with Perelman frequently playing off of him. Kind of like a situation where Shipp and Dickey were the rudder for the session - and it's a really strong hand to the point where I was kind of surprised it's a "Perelman" trio recording. That doesn't really matter much in the end, but it was an impression I had. Regardless, it's a great album and left me wanting more from this trio, so hopefully there's more to come. 

And since I loved Dickey & Shipp so much on that record, NP is: 


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Archie Shepp "Steam" Enja/Solid Records Japan cd


Bass – Cameron Brown
Drums – Beaver Harris
Tenor Saxophone, Piano – Archie Shepp

Steam is what you need while watching the snow fall. Brown and Harris make a great team for Shepp here.

March 14, 1976, East-West Festival, Nuremberg, Germany

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Yesterday was the birthday of one of my favorite composers and musicians, Antonio Carlos Jobim. I'll celebrate today as I missed yesterday as an opportunity.

SFJazz Collective "Compositions of Antonio Carlos Jobim & Original Compositions" disc 1, the really well done arrangements of Jobim's works, which are freed from Bossa nova tropes and cliches.


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2 hours ago, JSngry said:


Received as a gift. Maynard had some excellent players and writers then, and the band definitely enjoys playing with their own spirit and flayvor. I still enjoy it also, on occasion. It's been such an occasion the last few days.


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