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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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3 hours ago, Д.Д. said:

Your mentioning of Roden, whom I haven't listened to for a long time, prompted me to check his Wikipedia entry and it says he died a couple of weeks ago. Very sorry to hear this, I liked his work.   

Yes, young and under rather unusual circumstances.
His Legacy “guest book” is filled with comments from many of us.

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22 hours ago, jazzcorner said:


Ahh yes an excellent  modern big band. Not unknown here and highly recommended for big band fans.

CD    Clayton/Hamilton    ...Jazzorchestra "Groove Shop"    1990    Capri Records
CD    Clayton/Hamilton    Heart and Soul    1991    Capri Records
CD    Clayton/Hamilton    "Explosive " -  M.Jackson meets CHO    1999    Quest Records
CD    Clayton/Hamilton    Shout me out    2000    Fable/Lightyear
CD    Clayton/Hamilton    Live at MCG    2004    MCG Jazz



Have them all. Lucky me! It is a great band. 👍



2 hours ago, felser said:


This was Stan's last band. Probably not the best representation of the Kenton Band. Stan was in bad shape, physically and cognitively, having suffered a skull fracture less than a year prior which almost killed him. He went back on the road too soon.  The musicians did their best, but it was tough going.  

8 minutes ago, jazzcorner said:


Is this the Bill Potts' version? If so, 👍. I have the CD edition with Potts' name on front.

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I didn´t know about the existence of that album earlier. 

I love the sound of the Giants of Jazz. 

Here Dizzy is missing, and instead you have Clark Terry and Roy Eldrige , who play some very very fine stuff.

Anyway, Roy was much ahead of his time and has some highlights, as well as Clark Terry and all of them.

Monk is really in a playing mood here and does some fantastic solos. 

It´s interesting to hear Roy with Monk doing "The Man I Love", to be compared with the famous Miles-Monk session on "Modern Jazz Giants" where they play that tune. 

When the Giants of Jazz did Vienna, it was the same. Dizzy hadn´t made it, and was replaced again by Clark Terry, and Cat Anderson. During that time I didn´t even know who is Cat Anderson. I knew Clark Terry and all the others, but had not heard the name of Cat Anderson. 


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