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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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I finally realized why I love this album so much.  I'm a big Peggy Lee fan and this album sounds like it could easily have been recorded by her.  Not that Ms. Gardot was in any way attempting to copy or imitate Ms. Lee, but the moods of the songs and the tones set by the music & arrangements could have easily fit with Ms. Lee's style & persona -- the joy and fun of love in "If The Stars Were Mine", the very sensual nature of love in "Lover Undercover", the dramatic tension of love in "Our Love Is Easy".  A couple of Ms. Gardot's originals here sound like they could have easily been penned by Ms. Lee, who was a worthy songwriter in her own right.  Nothing else I've heard by Ms. Gardot has matched what she achieved here, but this album is a terrific listening experience.  (Although I do always stop the CD after "Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind" and have not listened to the final two tracks -- an uninspired cover of "Over The Rainbow" and a remix of "If The Stars Were Mine" -- in years.)

On 6/21/2018 at 9:49 AM, mjazzg said:

Time to give it another try, I think. I've struggled with his output since 'No Method...' which I absolutely love as I do most of his other releases up to it

I just don't hear any depth either to the music, it all seems reduced to the barest ingredients, or to the lyrics of which there seems to be far too many moaning about having to be a misunderstood rock star. At each release I listen expectantly for it to be the one but not yet, for me at least.


I'd recommend giving a listen to The Healing Game, Enlightenment and Days Like This.  I think they are three very strong Van Morrison albums.  Even the album with Linda Gail Lewis is fun for what it is.  Many of his other releases of the past 25 years have had their moments, but often are kind of routine.  I was not expecting much from it, but I really did like his Duets album from 3 years ago -- nothing profound, but an enjoyable list

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