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So, What Are You Listening To NOW?


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40 minutes ago, jeffcrom said:

I've got the two original 10-inch LPs on Blesh's Circle label. There's also a long Danny Barker solo feature from the January 7 date, called "Danny's Banjo Blues," that was added to the GHB Baby Dodds Trio/Jazz a la Creole LP. It's not on the CD version of that album, and seems to be in limbo now. It should have been included on the CD you spun today, unless it's absolutely full, which I suspect it isn't.

I didn't check the total run time of the CD, but I suspect there was probably space enough left to accommodate that stray Danny Barker track.  Perhaps they forgot about its existence?

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R-1582351-1230065345.jpeg.jpg  R-8364505-1460178454-8073.jpeg.jpg  3067.jpg

Miles Davis - The 1956 Pasadena concert issued on disc two of the Legacy Edition of 'Round About Midnight. Gene Norman introduces the tenor player as "Johnny Coltrane."

Miles Davis - Decoy. A controversial album, but I think about two-thirds of it is quite good, with some really creative playing by Miles. I know many folks who dismiss all of Miles' 1980s music, but I think it's simplistic to view it all of a piece. There was much good music early in the decade, but I do think things started to slide after Decoy - although there were some bright spots all the way until the end. Anyone who hates all of Miles' music after his last comeback should read Max Harrison's essay "Listening to Davis Live in London in the 1980s" in A Miles Davis Reader, edited by Bill Kirchner. Harrison, that most intelligent and undoctrinaire of jazz critics, has very positive things to say about Miles' 1982 and 1983 London concerts, but thought the the quality dropped off in 1984, and moreso thereafter. That's almost exactly how I feel about Miles' last decade.

Jacques Gauthe - All Alone With the Rhythm (Jazz Crusade). Finally ready to move away from Miles. I almost got rid of this CD at one point, because the Toronto-based rhythm section is needlessly clunky and archaic. But I've always enjoyed Gauthe, the French-born clarinetist/soprano saxist who studied with Sidney Bechet in Paris and subsequently moved to New Orleans. His playing here is very good, so I can put up with the rhythm section.


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