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JAZZ CDs for sale: BLUEBIRD / RCA Records

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Hello again from Italy:

I have the following BLUEBIRD / RCA Records CDs for sale

- first reissues printed in the 80's & 90's

- mint / near mint condition

5.00 $ USD / 4,50  Euro

I ship Worldwide from Italy at cost (i  ship the CDs with booklet and covers without jewel case to save money for shipping costs).

Please feel free to PM me with your reguests...

thank you


On sale:

BECHET SIDNEY Sideney Bechet 1923-1943   4 CD Bluebird ND90317(4)
MILLER GLENN The Popular Recordings (1938-1942)   3 CD   SEALED!!! Bluebird ND90412(3)
WALLER FATS Fats Waller And His Rhythm/The Last Years (1940-1943)  3 CD   SEALED!!! Bluebird ND90411
ALLEN HENRY "RED" World On A String Bluebird ND82497
ARMSTRONG LOUIS Sugar Bluebird ND90634
ARMSTRONG LOUIS Pops: The 1940's Small Band Sides Bluebird ND86378
ARMSTRONG LOUIS  AND HIS ORCHESTRA (1932-1933) - Laughin' Louie Bluebird ND90404
BAKER CHET The Italian Sessions Bluebird ND82001
BARBIERI GATO The Third World Revisited Bluebird ND86995
BARNET CHARLIE Cherokee Bluebird ND90632
BARNET CHARLIE  AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie Bluebird ND86273
BASIE COUNT Basie's Basment Bluebird ND90630
BASIE COUNT Count Basie 1947/Brand New Vagon Bluebird ND82292            
BEIDERBECKE BIX Bix Lives! Bluebird ND86845
BURTON GARY Artist's Choice Bluebird ND86280
CARMICHAEL HOAGY Stardust, And Much More Bluebird ND88333
COHN AL-SIMS ZOOT From A To Z - And Beyond Bluebird ND86469
COLEMAN ORNETTE The Music Of Ornette Coleman Forms & Sounds Bluebird ND85561      
DAVIS EDDIE "LOCKJAW" Save Your Love For Me Bluebird ND86463
DESMOND PAUL Polka Dots And Moonbeams Bluebird ND90637
DESMOND PAUL Easy Living Bluebird ND82306
DESMOND PAUL Late Lament Bluebird ND90207
DOODS JOHNNY Blue Clarinet Stomp / The Legendary Classic Jazz Clarinetist Bluebird ND82293
DORSEY TOMMY-SINATRA FRANK All-Time Greatest Hits Bluebird ND90310
ELLINGTON DUKE Sophisticated Lady Bluebird ND90625
ELLINGTON DUKE Black, Brown & Beige   2 CD Bluebird ND86641
ELLINGTON DUKE AND HIS COTTON CLUB ORCHESTRA - Jungle Nights In Harlem (1927-1932) Bluebird ND82499      
ELLINGTON DUKE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Early Ellington (1927-1934) Bluebird ND86852      
ELLINGTON DUKE Solos, Duets, And Trios Bluebird ND82178
ELLINGTON DUKE The Great Ellington Units Bluebird ND86751      
ELLINGTON DUKE The Far East Suite Bluebird ND 87640
EVANS GIL The Gil Evans Orchestra Plays The Music Of Jimi Hendrix Bluebird ND88409
EVANS GIL There Comes A Time Bluebird ND85783
FERGUSON MAYNARD The Birdland Dreamband  Bluebird ND 86455
GETZ STAN With Arthur Fiedler At Tanglewood - A Song After Sundown Bluebird ND86284
GOODMAN BENNY Stompin' At The Savoy Bluebird ND90631
GOODMAN BENNY Benny Goodman Trio & Quartet - Avalon - The Small Bands Volume 2 (1937-1939) Bluebird ND82273
GOODMAN BENNY AND HIS ORCHESTRA-The Harry James Years, Volume 1 Bluebird 07883 66155 2          
GOODMAN BENNY The Original Benny Goodman Trio And Quartet Sessions, Vol. 1 - After You've Gone Bluebird ND85631
GOODMAN BENNY QUARTET-Together Again Bluebird ND86283
GOODMAN BENNY AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Sing, Sing, Sing Bluebird ND85630         
GREEN FREDDIE-COHN AL Natural Rhythm Bluebird ND86456
HAMPTON LIONEL Hot Mallets, Vol. 1 Bluebird ND86458
HAMPTON LIONEL Vol. 2 - The Jumpin' Jive - (The All Stars Groups: 1937-39)  Bluebird ND82433
HAWKINS COLEMAN April In Paris featuring Body And Soul Bluebird ND90636
HAWKINS COLEMAN Body And Soul Bluebird ND 85717
HAWKINS COLEMAN-WEBSTER BEN-CARTER BENNY Three Great Swing Saxophones Bluebird ND90405
HAWKINS ERSKINE Tuxedo Junction Bluebird ND90635
HAWKINS ERSKINE AND HIS ORCHESTRA- The Original Tuxedo Junction Bluebird ND90363
HENDERSON FLETCHER AND HIS ORCHESTRA (1927-1936) - Hocus Pocus Bluebird ND90413
HERMAN WOODY Featuring Stan Getz - Early Autumn Bluebird ND90629
HERMAN WOODY Woody Herman Memorial - The 40th Anniversary Carnegie Hall Concert Bluebird ND86678
HINES EARL Piano Man: Earl Hines, His Piano And His Orchestra Bluebird ND86750          
HODGES JOHNNY Triple Play Bluebird ND90208
HODGES JOHNNY-DAVIS WILD BILL In A Mellow Tone  Bluebird ND82305
HORNE LENA Stormy Weather Bluebird ND90441
JACQUET ILLINOIS The Black Velvet Band Bluebird ND86571
JACQUET ILLINOIS Flying Home Bluebird ND90638
JOHNSON J.J. AND HIS BIG BANDS - Say When Bluebird ND86277
KLEMMER JOHN Nexus One (For Trane) Bluebird ND 86577
LAMBERT, HENDRICKS & BAVAN In Live Performance - Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home Bluebird ND 86282
LISTON SMITH LONNIE Golden Dreams Bluebird ND86996
McKINNEY'S COTTON PICKERS McKinney's Cotton Pickers (1928-1930) Bluebird ND90517         
MILLER GLENN The Genius Of Glenn Miller - Volume One  Bluebird ND90090
MILLER GLENN The Genius Of Glenn Miller - Volume Two Bluebird ND90205
MILLER GLENN Moonlight Serenade  Bluebird ND90626
MILLER GLENN Major Glenn Miller & The Army Air Force Band, 1943-44 Bluebird ND86360
MINGUS CHARLES New Tijuana Moods Bluebird ND85644
MORELLO JO Same Bluebird ND90406
MORTON JELLY ROLL The Pearls  Bluebird ND86588
MOTEN BENNIE Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra (1929-1932) Basie Beginnings Bluebird ND90403
NELSON OLIVER Black, Brown And Beautiful Bluebird ND86993
NORVO RED The Red Norvo Small Band Bluebird ND86278
OLIVER KING The New York Sessions (1929-1930) Bluebird ND90410
POWELL BUD TRIO-Time Was Bluebird ND86367
ROGERS SHORTY Swings Bluebird ND83012
ROGERS SHORTY Short Stops Bluebird ND 90209
ROLLINS SONNY All The Things You Are (1963-1964) Bluebird ND82179
ROLLINS SONNY On The Outside Bluebird ND82496
ROLLINS SONNY The Quartets Featuring Jim Hall Bluebird ND 85643
RUSHING JIMMY The You And Me That Used To Be Bluebird ND 86460
RUSSELL GEORGE The George Russell Smalltet - Jazz Workshop Bluebird ND 86467
SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Begin The Beguine Bluebird ND86274
SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA-Blues In The Night Bluebird ND82432
SHAW ARTIE AND HIS ORCHESTRA - Blues In The Night Bluebird ND82432
SHAW ARTIE The Complete Gramercy Five Sessions Bluebird ND87637
SHAW ARTIE Artie Shaw featuring Begin The Beguin/Frenesi Bluebird ND90628
TEAGARDEN JACK That's A Serious Thing Bluebird ND90440          
TURNER JOE-WALKER T-BONE Bosses Of The Blues, Volume I Bluebird ND88311
VINSON EDDIE "CLEANHEAD"-SPANN OTIS Bosses Of The Blues, Volume II Bluebird ND88312
VV.AA. Birdland Stars 1956 Bluebird 07883 88150 2
VV.AA. The BeBop Revolution Bluebird ND82177
VV.AA. Early Black Swing - The Birth Of Big Band Jazz: 1927 - 1934 Bluebird ND90365
VV.AA. Masters Of Big Bands Bluebird ND90639
VV.AA. Jazz For Absolute Beginners Bluebird ND90210
VV.AA. Barrelhouse Boogie Bluebird ND88334
VV.AA. Swing Is Here/Small-Band Swing 1935-1939 Bluebird ND82180
VV.AA. Esquire's All-American Hot Jazz Sessions Bluebird ND86757
VV.AA. Great Trumpets: From Jazz To Swing-Various Artists Bluebird ND86753
VV.AA. From The Newport Jazz Festival - Tribute To Charlie Parker Bluebird ND86457
VV.AA. How Blue Can You Get? - Great Blues Vocals In The Jazz Tradition Bluebird ND86758
VV.AA. The Women / Classic Female Jazz Artists 1939-1952 Bluebird ND86755
VV.AA. At The Jazz Band Ball - Chicago/New York Dixieland Bluebird ND8675
VV.AA. The Sextet Of Orchestra U.S.A. Theatre Music Of Kurt Weill Bluebird ND 66285
WALLER FATS The Fats Waller Piano Solos - Turn The Heat  2 CD Bluebird ND82482(2)     
WALLER FATS The Joint Is Jumpin' Bluebird ND86288
WILLIAMS JOE The Overwhelming Joe Williams Bluebird ND86464           

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