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Blue Train (Deluxe Edition)


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I am thinking about buying the deluxe 2-LP set, but not until I hear that Kevin Gray didn't cut it too hot. He's done it several times and Blue Note doesn't acknowledge the problem at all so if it is cut too hot - say bye-bye to your money.

Quite frankly, this new Blue Note team is not that great when it comes to customer service. Nothing like the old days when we would point out a mastering problem with a CD and it almost always got fixed pretty quickly. This group just ignores the problem and hopes that their apologists rise up, which they always do over on the Hoffman forums. Kevin Gray is like a god over there, even though he sometimes cuts too hot and often cuts the grooves too tight, resulting in far too much dead wax, which I have been told by Ron McMaster can result in tracking problems for some turntables.

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My kvetch with recent Tone Poets extends beyond Kevin Gray's cutting -- to the triple-shift pressing activity at RTI.  In the last two years, my returns-to-keepers ratio has been 3-to-1, which I attribute to oversight in quality control at RTI due to the overwhelming demand for limited-edition colored vinyl for every Record Store Day and the flurry from new indie labels.  My returned TPs merely join the pool of many which are absorbed by parent Universal without apology, concern, or corrective measures.

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I like the idea of the mono LP with the booklet.  Apparently not the config they are selling.  I saw parts of a video where Blue Note said they are pressing "shitloads" of copies, so I can afford to wait around.

BTW - any opinions on the SHM-SACD option - more on the format in general versus the specifics of this issue?

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I have or have had:

Music Matters Jazz Mono LP

Japanese first issue CD (called a "Black triangle")

Original US CD

Mobile Fidelity gold CD

The Ultimate Blue Train


Japanese UCCU CD with the extra take of "Blue Train"

... and yet I still ordered "Blue Train - The Complete Masters" SACD from Japan. :) :)

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The 2013 japanese SHM-CD with Takes 7 and Take 8 of "Blue Train", and the alt take of "Lazy bird", is TYCJ-81001.

Bonus Tracks
6 Blue Train Take 7 (Alt. Take 1) 7:09 - prev. unissued
7 Blue Train Take 8 (Alt. Take 2) 9:55- piano solo used into the Master Take (take 9)
8 Lazy Bird (Alt. Take) 7:11

and here are Michael Cuscuna 's notes from this japanese SHM-CD:


Both the above takes 7 and 8 will be included in the new Blue Train 2-LP Tone Poet set.

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On 28/07/2022 at 5:20 AM, felser said:

I already have two versions of this ("Ultimate" and RVG) on my shelves.  That's good enough for me.  BTW, anyone know how to play the Ultimate bonus content on modern 64-bit PC's?

I've successfully extracted most of the bonus info IICRC from the disc - it won't play by just inserting, as you know

Mainly the dialogue - RVG & other BN musicians discussing JC & the album

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The word on the street is that the Japanese SACDs were mastered from the master tapes by Kevin Gray when he had the master tapes queued up for the Tone Poet LP cuts. Since I've had such crappy luck with Gray's LPs these days, I'm going to forego the LPs and go straight for the SACD this time. This is one of the few times when this is the cheaper route too.

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10 hours ago, danasgoodstuff said:

So the original piano solo from Blue Train take 9 that was pasted over with the solo from take 8 remains unissued?

Acc. to the notes at "The Ultimate Blue Train" (1987), the piano solo from Take 9 has not survived.

And here is Mr Fuller's signature on my Ultimate CD sleeve:


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