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Cecil Taylor RIP


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One of the real great innovators. When I grew up, Free Jazz was still quite in action and Cecil Taylor together with Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry sure was one of the most important leaders of that great movement.

His music is harder to understand than Ornette and Don Cherry, but if you get into it, it will thrill you.

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Happened to catch an interview with Alexander von Schlippenbach earlier today in the car, he talked about how he admired Cecil, went to his concerts and got to meet him in Berlin - Cecil was at his home and they talked .... what a coincidence. I wondered how he was doing, log in here and read the news.

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A massive innovator whose importance cannot be ignored, I have a long way to go with familiarity with his music besides "Conquistador" and the "Pontos Cantados" track on "One Night With Blue Note, Preserved, Vol 2" and the "Imagine The Sound" documentary, but his sound and influence is so wide.  Parts of Yosuke Yamashitas's classic "Chiasma" definitely remind me of Taylor, as does Alfredo Rodriguez' performance of "Oye Como Va" on the 2012 Mack Avenue Superband album.

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2 hours ago, brownie said:

He brought so much and opened wide horizons...

He was a good friend and will be missed. My thoughts go to Andrew Cyrille, his faithful accompanist!


 I’m very gratified for this post especially as I know you were his friend. I’m very much looking forward to May 23rd - the opening night of Vision Fest when Andrew is playing in 2 bands. I’m very sure Cecil’s spirit will be strongly felt on that night. 

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R.I.P. Cecil Taylor. 

Damn! Impossible to put into words how great Cecil Taylor was. Thank you, Mr. Taylor.


I was listening to some of Cecil's Berlin recordings this afternoon unaware he had passed away.



North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, 1976.

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