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Grex Album Release Tour '18

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Hey, all-

Getting this in just under the wire! Thank you in advance for the indulgence, and for humoring me-

I'm very proud to be announcing that, after several years of blood, sweat, and tears, my project Grex is gearing up for the release our brand new full-length album, entitled Electric Ghost Parade. The album is sort of a paean to the high concept jazz and psychedelic rock albums of the 1960's, but the music is a very contemporary synthesis of song and fringe improvisation. 

In preparation for the album release, we’ll be mounting a wild nationwide tour, covering parts of the Bay Area, the American NW, So Cal, the Southwest, the EC, and the midwest. It’s a jam-packed itinerary, but we’re thrilled: we’ll be featuring all-new, never-before-heard arrangements of the album material. Rehearsals have been sublime—it’s the best set we’ve ever had. I'm also pretty proud of the bills, many of which should be of interest to some of the folks on here (Allen Lowe features on the CT show, below).

The album streets on July 20, but preorders (and some sample listening) are available now: https://grex.bandcamp.com/album/electric-ghost-parade

And more about us here: http://www.grexsounds.com

Tour Dates:

June 15, Sacramento, CA at Fox & Goose (w/Gentleman Surfer, Amy Reed)

June 16, Reno, NV at Reno Community Radio Station (w/Rob Ford Explorer, Everybody Dies for Now)

June 18, Seattle, WA at the Royal Room (w/Chris Icasiano, Tiny Ghost)

June 19, Olympia, WA at Le Voyeur (w/Hammer of Hathor, Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa)

June 20, Eugene, OR at Old Nicks (w/Mood Area 52, Megan Johns)

June 21, Portland, OR at Kenton Club (w/Rllrbll, Galaxy Research)

June 22, Bellingham, WA at Alternative Library (w/Tetrachromat, Nauticult, Bliss Point)

June 23, Portland, OR at Mothership Music (w/The Social Stomach, San Kazakgascar Solo)

June 26, San Diego, CA at The Merrow (w/The Grok, Nicey Nice World)

June 27, Los Angeles, CA at The Silverlake Lounge (with Steuart Liebig and Emily Hay, Logan Hone, Max Kutner)

June 29, Long Beach, CA at 4th Street Vine (w/Baast)

June 30, Joshua Tree, CA at Joshua Tree Saloon

July 3, Truth or Consequences, NM at TOC Brewing Co. (w/Tatsuya Nakatani)

July 4, Amarillo, TX at Mariposa Eco-Village (w/Hayden Pedigo, Andrew Weathers, Fat Lava)

July 7, Washington, DC at Rhizome (w/Ted Zook's Heterodyne, Pagan Reagan)

July 8, Arlington, VA at Galaxy Hut (w/Chester Hawkins)

July 9, Providence, RI at Alchemy

July 10, Boston, MA at Midway Cafe (w/Fable Grazer, The Modern Voice, Brown Lasers)

July 11, Queens, NY at H0L0 (w/Ron Anderson/Kevin Shea, Max Jaffe, Aaron Novik Quartet)

July 12, Brooklyn, NY at Pine Box Rock Shop (w/Devin Hoff Solo, Dunkelman/Yang/Mcmurray)

July 13, Philadelphia, PA at Random Tea Room (w/Mitch Esparza)

July 14, Hamden, CT at Best Video (w/Special Guest Allen Lowe)

July 15, Chicago, IL at Elbo Room (w/Tatsu Aoki, La Cosa)

July 16, Kansas City, MO at Uptown Arts Bar (w/Music Research Strategies/Marshall Trammell [of Black Spirituals])

July 19, Live Mic on KFJC

July 20, Alameda, CA at The Fireside Lounge (w/IMA, Qualia, Scott Amendola’s Orchestra) 

Hope to see you!


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On 6/15/2018 at 5:28 PM, Chuck Nessa said:

Wow, great.

 Sorry we won't make any of these...

Maybe you can connect with Hallwalls in Buffalo next time.

Thanks for the rec, Chuck! Hopefully we'll make it out that way next time.

Seattle coming up (today) at the Royal Room with Chris Icasiano of the brilliant sax/drum duo Bad Luck (http://www.badluckband.net/) and the sublime chamber jazz ensemble Tiny Ghost. First two dates have been intense

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On 6/20/2018 at 7:56 AM, JSngry said:

How did you hook up in Amarillo? Is there a "scene" there?

Inquiring minds, etc.

It's part of "a" touring circuit. My friend Andrew Weathers (who plays compelling American primitivist guitar with some electronic elements) would know more about it--he's living in Texas right now. These aren't proper jazz channels, but the touring options for general experimental/improvised music are surprisingly broad these days. 

Waffles in Portland, then Kenton Club tonight...

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One more bump with the East Coast leg coming up--some tremendous bills on the horizon (including the murderers' row of folks on the NY dates--of interest here is that Aaron Novik's all-wind group for the H0L0 date includes Thomas Heberer, Patrick Holmes, and Vincent Chancey (!)). 

@JSngry --that Amarillo date was amazing. Apparently the arts community there is in its earlier stages but very strong--a lot of energy revolving around avant-rock, drone, and the like, though maybe not so much pure jazz. The Mariposa Eco-Village people are largely on the younger side and very committed. 

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