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THREAD CLOSED - WILL Consolidate and Create New Topic - THANK YOU: **Final Reductions before eBay** FS: Large Collection of Mosaic and Mosaic Select Boxes - some sealed


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Before heading off to Ebay, I am dropping prices on all Mosaic and Moaaic Select CD boxes by 10% from listed prices.  

Take 10% off current price noted.

Multiple purchase level dollar discounts still apply.

If we are close, let's discuss.



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On 11/3/2018 at 4:00 PM, freejazz said:

The Complete CBS Buck Clayton Jam Sessions  $95

I can't believe that the value of this incredible set has dropped so much. I remember a time when this set was fetching almost $300 on eBay. I almost sold mine at the time. Wish I did now. I could've re-bought it for $95. :)

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Up with Last price reductions before heading them off to eBay. Again, if close, let’s discuss.

THANKS to all who have purchased to-date.

Sorry for the delay in posting the remaining sets. Have been down the best part of the past two-weeks with a bug. The next round will be posted here later tonight or tomorrow.

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Thanks again to all for purchases. Shipping  box shipment from U Line will be here Monday AM and all pending orders from last week will be shipped Monday and tracking advice posted via Personal Messages here.

Price  further reduced

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3 hours ago, soulpope said:

Quote Denny Zeitlin: The Columbia Studio Trio Sessions  $60 Unquote

Priceless music ....

Definitely! And I'll add that I found nearly all the previously-unreleased music (first and only available on this set), to be both revelatory, and facinsting. Nearly all of it (the unreleased stuff) is more percussive and arguably a little more 'progressive' -- and dare I even say almost 'out-leaning' a bit, but still with Denny's beautiful and controlled touch.

An album of just the unreleased stuff from this set would be on my top-20 list of piano-trio records from that entire decade.

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