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BFT 178 - The Final Reveal

Dan Gould

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It's been a nice run but it ends here. Thanks to everybody who ever participated in my many efforts to share tunes I liked and tunes I thought would surprise people.

And a lot of Gene Harris and almost as many not-quite-Gene Harris. :g

Track 1


Herb Geller, "Jump for Joy" Birdland Stomp (Freshsound)

I was on a Kenny Drew kick when someone mentioned this one (Drew is on piano) and I am glad I picked it up even if few seemed to enjoy this track.



Track 2


Joe Van Enkhuizen -  Jumpin with Symphony Sid, Blues Ahead



Han Bennink on drums, not a lot of love expressed.  If you like the tenor, try this one from Amazon:


Track 3

Sal Nistico, “The Hymn” Empty Room (Red)      






Track 4


Wild Bill Davis “Jive Samba” The Zurich Concert




I wanted to program a tenor I always enjoy but hadn't thought I had included in prior BFTs: Clifford Scott.

Track 5


James Suggs – “My Baby Kinda Sweet” You're Gonna Hear From Me (Arbors)




Young trumpeter, I picked this track because Houston Person sat out and I didn't want attention paid to his easily recognizable sound.  Otherwise he is basically co-leader on the date, as the group is more or less his. This is a really nice record IMHO and any fan of Houston should pick it up. And the trumpeter deserves some attention.

Track 6


Irv Stokes – "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans", Just Friends (Arbors)




One good Arbors release deserves another ...



Track 7


Lance Hayward feat Percy France


"Bye Bye Blackbird"


Lance Hayward, A Closer Walk (Town Crier)


This was a late addition, another tenor I don't think I had included before, I was reading some old threads about Percy and decided to see if there was anything else out there and this popped up, cheap. Percy is on three tracks only but everybody needs more Percy France.

Track 8


Tommy Newsome – Easy Living Friendly Fire (Arbors)




I added this one to my Arbors order for the James Suggs, hoping there'd be a nice track to include. Tommy could play, if you didn't know.

(Arbors Records deserves support - new CDs are $10 each with very quick shipping.)

Track 9


Dave Kamien "Summertime" Let's Swing




That's Carmell Jones and Slide Hampton a lot of people were dissing.  Kamien plays piano, you can see the other credits at the link. This seems to have been an Aebersold-style record, with one side featuring major solo talent (Wilton Gaynair plays saxophone) but side 2 is just rhythm tracks.



Track 10

Ben Webster, “St Louis Blues” Ben Webster, At Ease






I bought this LP as something by Ben I hadn't heard of. Imagine my surprise to find that supposedly the leader of the trio, Wieringa, was basically an amateur and that this is considered one of the worst or the worst of Ben's European days. Wieringa  simply paid the man enough that he said "Ok" to the date.

So now knowing the background I figured I had to test everybody's ears and see if they recognized a bad rhythm section when they hear one. I thought the musicans among us would be unanimous

 but Thom actually thought it was Gene Harris.


Track 11

Tim Richards Trio - Oh Well Oh Well (Gene Harris), 12 by 3

Track 12


Three Sounds – Oh Well Oh Well –  Black Orchid



 Disappointed no one said "is it live or is it memorex?" after I programmed the same Gene Harris composition back to back, a pretender and the man.

Track 13


Ben Markley Big Band – Bolivia Clockwise: The Music of Cedar Walton



Jim found the recording and ID's the trombonist, former O-person Paul McKee. Had to program it but no one else seemed to care.

Track 14


Essence All-Stars,  "True Blue" Organic Grooves




I've enjoyed all of the HipBop releases from the 90s.



Track 15


Ron Blake, “Mister Magic” Lest We Forget






Track 16


Johnny Shacklett, Hoffman House Blues, Johnny Shacklett Trio at Hoffman House



Mike Weil mentioned this as a very rare part of Mel Rhyne's discography so I tracked it down.

Track 17


“The Tom Byron-Debi Diamond Blues” Bill Heid, from The Chameleon


(That's my title for the tune.)





Music Department 

Ike Allen ... musician: drums
Randy Gelispie ... musician: drums (as Randy Gillespie)
Bill Heid ... performer: original music
Perry Hughes ... musician: guitar
Paul Keller ... musician: bass
Kurt Krahnke ... musician: acoustic bass
Russ Miller ... musician: alto saxaphone
Mike Pashenee ... musician: trombone
Scott 'E-Dog' Peterson ... musician: tenor, soprano, baritone saxophone
Alex Rogowski ... musician: guitar
Walt Szymanski ... musician: trumpet & flugelhorn (as Walt Szymanski II)
Steve Wood ... musician: tenor saxophone

I figured people had heard - I know there's been a thread about it - that Bill Heid scored some porn films so when I found this scene I had to lift the audio and program it.  But no one remembered or cared. To borrow the Gene Harris title "Oh Well Oh Well".




















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No wonder  I could not identify many of these, Dan. It is great to be exposed to some wonderful new music, which you did here for me.

I liked Track 13 a lot. I did not recognize Paul McKee.

I have albums by Herb Geller but did not recognize his sound on Track 1. I should have.

I am surprised that Ron Blake recorded "Mr. Magic." The other music I have heard with Ron Blake is not like this.

This Blindfold Test is consistently strong and very enjoyable.

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