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Trying to help out Mosaic by suggesting sets

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22 hours ago, Son-of-a-Weizen said:

….also, isn’t there a good bit of Hazel Scott material that hasn’t been released on CD?   Decca, Capitol, etc? 

The earliest tracks were on two Classics CDs:



44 tracks. Decca, V-Disc, Signature, Columbia sides. Then came a gap until 1951.

A Decca LP with 1956/57 recordings was reissued on Fresh Sound:


The Debut LP with Mingus was on OJC. A multi-label set would be nice, but ....


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Here's a Mosaic that will never exist

The Prestige And Riverside Recordings Of Red Garland.

I just arranged my custom CDs of Red into 6-CD cases. 20 CDs. As you probably know, Red's Prestige recordings were scattered over several albums. I have gathered them all together into session order.

Mosaic never issued Prestige or Riverside recordings. They are the competition.

The Prestige CD reissues, right from the start in the late 1980s, all sound good. They didn't suffer from the McMaster horror, which has been the fly in the ointment for Blue Note CDs. It shows what could have been done.

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Les Baxter - Complete Capitol Exotica Albums

Disc 1:

  • Ritual of the Savage
  • Tamboo!

Disc 2:

  • Caribbean Moonlight
  • Ports of Pleasure (stereo)

Disc 3:

  • Space Escapade (stereo)
  • Jewels of the Sea

Disc 4:

  • African Jazz (stereo)
  • Jungle Jazz

Disc 5:

  • The Passions
  • The Sacred Idol

Disc 6

  • Skins
  • Teen Drums

Disc 7

  • Ports of Pleasure (mono)
  • African Jazz (mono)

Disc 8

  • Space Escapade (mono)
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It's come up in here more than once I think, but a Warne Marsh archive set like the Tristano one would be sublime. I'm sure there's no shortage of unreleased studio/rehearsal/live recordings. If I recall, Jonathan Horwich mentioned there was more stuff from the Ne Plus Ultra sessions. 

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On 2/3/2022 at 7:02 PM, romualdo said:

Lucky Thompson ... & Bill Barron

Much agreed. Fresh Sounds released that 68-track 1956-1959 Lucky Thompson set, which is excellent ... and which likely (I'd guess) helps to nix any Mosaic project. Still, I'd buy a Lucky Mosaic.

And Bill Barron ... if we could just have a nice digital transfer of Motivation! I practically begged Jonathan Horwich to get behind it, which he part-way did, but then plans seemed to change.

10 hours ago, colinmce said:

If I recall, Jonathan Horwich mentioned there was more stuff from the Ne Plus Ultra sessions. 

I recall that too. A Revelation (Records) Mosaic would be nice in some form or another.

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15 minutes ago, mikeweil said:

There is this cheapo box, so ....

Yes, there are several of these Baxter boxes, mastered from VINYL.

The following 8 albums are available as lossless downloads from Capitol, on Qobuz:

  • Ritual of the Savage
  • Tamboo
  • Skins
  • Ports of Pleasure
  • Space Escapade
  • African Jazz
  • The Sacred Idol
  • Jewels of the Sea

Eight is way better than zero, but a few key titles are missing, notably "Jungle Jazz."

A gal can dream...

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The Complete Clare Fischer Revelation recordings:

Easy Livin' (1963, 1965)

One to Get Ready, Four to Go! (1963-1965)

Great White Hope (1970)

Reclamation Act of 1972! (1970, 1971)

Report of the 1st Annual Symposium on Relaxed Improvisation (1972)

T'DA-A-A-A-A! (1972)

The State of His Art (1973)

Jazz Song (1973)

Head, Heart & Hands (1970, 1973)

None of it has been released on CD. 

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