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What rock music are you listening to? Non-Jazz, Non-Classical.


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Peter Gabriel – Back To Front 2012 - 09.24.12 Boston, MA. I was there. 10 years ago already. My how time flies.


My recollection of this show was that it was very poorly attended, which Wkipedia confirms. I bought tickets in the first row of the upper balcony, way at the back, because I didn't want to have to wear ear plugs. I got there and they told us that the upper sections were closed and here are my "upgraded" seats... right at the side of stage next to a wall of speakers. I sat down in that seat for about 10 seconds and said, "No way" and went back to the person who handed me the tickets. I asked for tickets further back. She looked at me like I had two heads. I moved back about 3 sections and it was still too loud for my right ear. :)

But it was a really good show. Peter looked much older than 62 up on the big screen, but his voice was pretty strong. I don't think he's come back to Boston again since this show.

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2 minutes ago, felser said:

I realize I fail the "cool factor" test, but I find his first 15 years of records to be beautiful:


I have long very much liked Mathis, and still do.


A recent deep dive into the catalog via Spotify seemed to be one song after another of absolutely gorgeous singing accompanied by absolutely annoyingly bland arrangements, usually by Glenn Osser. Now, Osser is (was?) a very skilled guy, but with Mathis it seems like he was tasked with (or chose) the job of making generically "modern" arrangements with no real tailoring of them to Mathis' quite exquisite vocal stylings.

Still - sleep on Johnny Mathis at your own peril!

btw - the period between Columbia stints (on Mercury) had some REAL gems, arranged by Alyn Ferguson (iirc).

And the later R&B-ish records are often very nice as well. This was a guy who cared only to sing, period. And sing he does!!!

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12 minutes ago, JSngry said:

btw - the period between Columbia stints (on Mercury) had some REAL gems, arranged by Alyn Ferguson (iirc).


I also have that box set.  Glad to have anything and everything he did over his first 15-20 years.

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