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FS/FT - Charles Tolliver vinyl

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I have several hundred vinyl LP's that no longer have use to me (mainly replaced by CD).   I have never really sold vinyl, so cannot quickly grade and price all of them.  I am going to list out the Charles Tolliver titles, and if you have interest, please IM me, and we most likely should be able to work something out, either likely a sale or possibly a trade for CD's.   I will describe condition when you contact me,  All were good enough that they were in my collection, though most were purchased used.    I am motivated to move these out, so will not be tough on pricing, though I want the exchange to be fair.  Thanks.


Charles Tolliver –  Live at Slugs’

Charles Tolliver - Live at Slugs’. Vol. 2

Charles Tolliver - Compassion

Charles Tolliver - Impact

Charles Tolliver – Live at Loosdrecht (2 LP)


Charles Tolliver – Paper Man (aka All-Stars) 

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20 hours ago, Rooster_Ties said:

Compassion is especially underrated, and pretty hard (or at least pricy) to get on CD. With the great and (imho also underrated) Nathen Page on guitar (and no piano).

Yeah, that would be my pick. Never seen a nice copy of the LP and would snap it up if I did

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"Compassion is especially underrated, and pretty hard (or at least pricy) to get on CD"-  "Compassion" is also known as "New Tolliver." https://www.discogs.com/Charles-Tolliver-New-Tolliver/master/302341.  CDJapan lists the 2009 Japanese, cardboard sleeve, remastered issue of "New Tolliver" as still being available although HMV Japan does not. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/BVCJ-35117?s_ssid=e41d095cb59e2dc5ef  


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