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Denny Zeitlin's "Remembering Miles"

Larry Kart

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9 hours ago, JSngry said:

What is he remembering, exactly? Are these recovered memories, repressed memories, vivid memories, just what?

Denny is remembering musically what Miles in general and specific Miles or Miles-associated pieces (e.g. "Stablemates," "Dear Old Stockholm")  meant to him. What's so hard to understand? BTW, Denny's take on "Stablemates" is from outer space.

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I'd like the good doctor to help me with this one, though - my first exposure to his playing was ca. 1976, a college buddy from the SF area came to NT really enthused about his (Zeitlin's) playing, and had a couple of his Columbia records. I kept checking them out, or more accurately, TRIED to check them out. No matter the record, no matter which side of the record, I was asleep by then end of the side. Every time. Literally every time.

And this went on for about a year. I'd borrow the records for a weekend, put them on, and drift right off. Try again, same thing. Take them back, wait a month or two, borrow them again, put them on again, out like a light in about 10 minutes. This went on for about a year. Finally, hey.

I didn't know if the guy had subliminal hypnotic messages recorded into his records or what. But I've never tried to listen to him since then. I'm sure he's a wonderful player, but if you'd have the experience that I had, you too might just want to leave well enough alone. Plenty of other piano players!

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I can see why you might not be dragged into Zeitlin's playing at all times. I like him best on short, condensed tracks like this one:

I like the composition, and the solo sort of paints a picture during its short duration. I sometimes hear this tune inside my head. 

I have not followed Zeitlin closely in later years, but mainly know him from the Columbia albums. I might return to other pianists/albums more often, but sometimes I am in the right mood for them. 

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