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First off. Happy New Year to everyone!

Some have you recently joined my mailing list. Others have been subscribers for awhile now.  I just want everyone to know that I have implemented

a new process for orders, invoicing, and shipping.

All orders will be proceed faster and invoiced out within a few days of getting product in.

Thanks for being patient in the past and If I have lost you due to my terrible system before. Please give me another chance.

Please also remember the best way to reach me is through email. tommysjazz@gmail.com

Many new offers on they way.

Thanks again.





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I'm still waiting on my Buddy Bolden cylinder.  Where is that Buddy Bolden cylinder that I ordered?!?  If this delay continues, I'm going to take my Buddy Bolden cylinder business elsewhere!!! <_<

Will reiterate what Jsngry said.  No worries on my end, have greatly enjoyed the music that I've purchased from you (at excellent prices) over the past year (especially the Black Saint/Soul Note boxes and the Steeplechase CDs).  Best wishes for your new system in 2020. :tup


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4 hours ago, Bluesnik said:

I have ordered twice from you and was both times highly satisfied. Once I discovered a live performance from the Jack Wilson quartet, with Roy Ayers, which I'm still enjoying a lot. Could you please add me to your mailing list? Thanks.

Please email me at tommysjazz@gmail.com and I will add you. or send me a message here.


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