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Another Mosaic Armstrong to come out this August.

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I agree that is a funny aspect of the review. I have alternates already of this material and enjoy hearing the alternates so that hasn't steered me away from this set, and I'm a big Armstrong fan so it's just something I have to have. We should see sets in hands soon. 

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Planing will indeed be needed, as holographic Louis will both descend into hell and ascend into heaven, all the while keeping holographic Arvell Shaw planted firmly on the ground. So you gotta get right before it's too late.

I'm working overtime getting the Popal Experience Area ready, although Grampa Sangrey's early 20th Century hand planer wasn't equipped for ceramic tile, so retrofitting is an ongoing process. Give it some good old fashioned WHOLE wood and it'll go to town, believe me!

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13 minutes ago, tranemonk said:

Ok I know this may be heresy on this site.. but do we really NEED another Armstrong Mosaic?

I don't need this one, no. Apparently there are those who either need it or want it enough to spring for it. But for me, it's great material that has already been presented as such. Not really feeling the need for what I fear would be gilding the lilly, or whatever that expression is.

But what Mosaic needs now is whatever will sell, and hopefully Louis Armstrong will always sell, I mean, there's a proven market, and I fear for a world where there's not.. But I got finite resources to spend in finite-ish time on infinite music, and this set doesn't get me further along in awareness than it does in cost, which is my criterion at this point in time.

However, if you do not have this music in any meaningful quantity, then hell yeah, you DO need this set. The core materials are the stuff of magnificence.

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I'm sure that Mosaic Records has been in the limited edition boxed set game long enough that they have learned a few things, though it is likely impossible to predict whether a set will set out before the lease is up. I'm sure the owners of recordings they would like to issue are holding out for more money in many cases, while it is always nice to have the music packaged in a more intelligent manner vs. scattered over numerous CDs and LPs, with detailed liner notes and period photos missing from earlier issues. It seemed like they frequently had sales on sets of Capitol recordings, so maybe they are shying away from further releases from that label. Also, by producing only 3,500 sets, they may be lowering leasing costs and taking on less risk than they did with larger runs. This is all guesswork, I've never run a record label...



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2 hours ago, tranemonk said:

I'm frustrated as obviously Mosaic is releasing fewer sets but TWO Armstrong Mosaics in the same year, really??? Go ahead... @me....

The previous Armstrong set was from 2014 (RCA Victor and Columbia live recordings). When I suggested this set to Mosaic I didn't anticipate so much extra material. 3 albums with alternate takes and a few singles. I suggested this set beacause I had trouble tracking down CD's with the master takes of Play W.C Handy and Satch plays Fats. So for me it is a must have.

I 'm not suggesting that Mosaic did this set only because I asked for it. 

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