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Christian McBride Big Band - For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver


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Not surprisingly, a marvelous big band new recording. It made my day today. Highly recommended. Fresh and juicy, wonderfully recorded too.


" Christian McBride solidifies his role as the champion of the past, present and future of jazz with his GRAMMY® Award-winning Big Band’s new album in tribute to Jimmy Smith, Wes Montgomery and Oliver Nelson. Featuring special guests Joey DeFrancesco and Mark Whitfield, "For Jimmy, Wes and Oliver" honors the historical legacy of the jazz legends who shaped the soul of music for generations to come. "


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Wow - I have been streaming this one non-stop.  It is a great guitar album, a great organ album and (on some cuts) a great big band album.

I have the two original Verve lps.  For the songs recreated here, the takes are at once familiar and very fresh.  The originals and other covers are very nice as well.

Notwithstanding the nice words in the original post, I had planned to pass on this one - how can the originals be bested?  Not bested - but damn near equaled and frankly a little more modern (and crisp) on some of the cuts.  Highly recommended! 

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3 hours ago, JSngry said:

Did they get Oliver's original charts?

So according to this, yes for Milestones, Down by the Riverside and Night Train.  I agree with the commentary re: Milestones and Riverside - they sound great.


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8 hours ago, mikeweil said:

Sounds nice - I will get me a copy. They swing hard, and I really like McBride. 

To my taste, Jimmy Smith was dominating a bit too much on the Jimmy & Wes sessions.

And that very thing, is what made those albums.  He had such a powerful presence, and personally, I love that-- that larger than life personality. Like Kenny Burrell, or George Benson, Wes was an equal partner.  If you look at Jimmy's regular guitarists roughly around that period, like Quentin Warren; Warren served a function... he wasn't an equal partner, and when Jimmy had a compatriot on his level, he elevated--- check his comping for example. And this new album is very nice

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