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Warne Marsh book Out of Nowhere


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First post in awhile.

I picked up this book awhile ago and only now have picked it up again. At first I was put off by the novel format. I am sure that the author took liberties with details of his life, interactions with Tristano, Konitz et al, as well as specifics of Warne's personal life.

I am hoping to find a book on Marsh that is more academic in scope. But this one is a good read nevertheless.

Out of Nowhere

The Musical Life of Warne Marsh

A novel by Marcus M. Cornelius

Aurora Nova publishing


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1 hour ago, slide_advantage_redoux said:

Damn, copies are pricey as hell. Even kindle versions.

Yeah. Unfortunately, that's par for the course with books from Scarecrow Press.

I got it thru my local library. It wasn't in their system, but they got the book for me via interlibrary loan.

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Has anyone here read this book by guitarist John Klopotowski? - who was a student of Warne’s from 1982-87.

A Jazz Life: Memoirs and studies drawn from experiences as a student of Warne Marsh, 1982-87


On my phone as I’m also just discovering this extensive book “preview”...



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warnes family history involves many people involved in the early movie industry, most famously oliver marsh the cinematographer and his aunts are all famous silent movie actress with work dating as far back as 1910.    Warnes mom its being said played violin for silent films- offscreen violin music during the scenes, theres no credits for her though, but I'm sure she did they really had that but not everyone got credited like in a film today.   omg i just saw on imdb Oliver Marsh is listed there as being an uncredited additoinal photographer on 'Freaks' (1932)!!  

look at this 1918 film he photographed, staring another Marsh, one of wares aunts:



holy crap, this film, 1923: look what its called:::  this is crazy::::


Jazzmania Poster



Jazzmania!   I bet Warne didnt even know about this.  I mean how could he.  Imdb was years away


the nuts-est thing about oliver marsh though is he directed the LOST GRETA GARBO FILM or mostly lost, 1 reel survives, but he photographed it.  THE DIVINE WOMAN (1928)- 


he photographed other Garbo stuff too he did the single standard (1929) one of the last silent films, the one shot in Catalina on the water on a boat n stuff, an early vacation movie.  he also did that

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Ah yes, I remember it. I enjoyed the author's descriptions of the music - he obviously resonated with Marsh's playing. But it was a novel, based broadly on Marsh's life from a novelist's perspective. The Chamberlain book is factually based, so should be read first. But for someone who enjoys the music, "Nowhere" is a good read ...

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