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Steeplechase burn!!


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Just received my first Steeplechase CDR from Amazon - Frank Strozier Sextet -Remember Me- will be returning as it was not described as a CDR pressing but now Steeplechase is pressing CDR burns like OJCs have been for awhile. Any leads as to sites that are still selling authentic CDs of older Steeplechase and OJC titles?




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Wasn’t it a Amazon on Demand disc. Had that with a couple of Soul Notes... 

what always surprised me is that the SteepleChase catalogue never seems to get OOP? But when I order I always receive originals and no cdr’s. Not even with a 1990 issue. Did they press so many?

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Unfortunately CD-R`s for quite some time (not "on demand, you buy a CD and receive a CD-R) .... you have to be lucky to get a CD copy from "old stock" .... also here Steeplechase doesn`t give any guidance/info about this .... a rare chance to buy SteepleChase CD`s for sure was via the japanese Think! 45th Anniversary Series - with sensational transfer ....


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Stateside Distributors is still sending me regular SteepleChase CDs, no damned CDRs. Amazon and ImportCDs have been notorious for selling CDRs without labeling them as such. I usually try to look at the artwork before opening any new CD, as the burns sometimes remove the credits and original text from the tray card, a dead giveaway that it is not what one paid for according to the description.

Amazon will take CDRs back if you act promptly, if they failed to list them accurately on line, even if they have been opened.


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8 hours ago, AaronG said:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in the last batch of Steeplechase CDs I got from Tommy, the Johnny Dyani Song for Biko 31109 is a CD-R. The rest were true CDs but no one is safe.


56 minutes ago, David said:

yes just checked mine (Song for Biko from Tommy) and I think it is a CD-R too. No numbers on inner ring of CD. [sad face]

As said earlier .... way too risky to pay hard earned money for lottery outcome .... 

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