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Vinyl on your walls


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36 minutes ago, Pim said:

That looks great HutchFan. I like the thing you’ve done with the shelfs. Only artist unknown to me is Claudio Roditi.

He is (was, actually, since he died last year) a very fine Brazilian trumpeter and flugelhornist.

I've know about him for a long while, but during my recent Latin Jazz explorations, I've sorta really "discovered" him.

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1 hour ago, rostasi said:

What's the monthly charge?

It is hard to say what it would be just for LPs. I also have furniture, thousands of books, thousands of CDs, office papers, my audiophile stereo system, Christmas decorations, sports memorabilia and clothes in the unit. So it is a really big unit.  I could have a much smaller, less expensive unit if I was storing just music. It would be $100 a month or less most likely if I had just my LPs and CDs in there. 

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2 hours ago, miles65 said:

My display wall. All records can easly taken of the wall and replaced by other records. Made by my builder who had a record store before becoming a builder.




I love all that Ellington!  Are those EPs on the lower rows?


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On 28-7-2021 at 11:58 PM, HutchFan said:

I love all that Ellington!  Are those EPs on the lower rows?


I try to collect all original Columbia 6 eye editions  from the 56-62 period. But transatlantic postage is putting me off to fill the gaps: 'Anatomy of a murder', 'Blues in Orbit'  is a Phillips edition, 'Piano in the Foreground' a french CBS and the 'Midnight in Paris' cover is damaged.  

Yes EP's and ordinary 45's 

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3 hours ago, Bluesnik said:

I once saw that one with a whole orchestra playing the soundtrack.


2 hours ago, Teasing the Korean said:



It's such a powerful film score -- and a PERFECT marriage of images and music.

Many years ago, I saw Vertigo at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta.  Man, the movie is just SO MUCH better on a huge screen.  I'd probably seen it five or six times before, but it was like seeing a different movie in the theater.  It was ten times more hallucinatory and creepy and dream-like.

At the end of the movie, when Jimmy Stewart's and Kim Novak's character are at top of the tower and the nun POPS UP, I just about jumped out of my seat!  Even though I knew it was about to happen, it was still terrifying.  No wonder Kim Novak's character jumped!!!  ;) 


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