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Stan Getz Must Be Turning Over In His Grave

Ken Dryden

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On 11/9/2021 at 11:09 AM, Dan Gould said:

Does this really mean that they sampled Getz playing different notes and put them together into a new melody that the G-Spot composed?

What kind of new fresh hell is this?

Only new/fresh in the sense that the technology has been there for a while...DJs can do it if they have the musicality...which is one more reason why shunning them as musicians  has not helped anybody in any way. People gonna do what they gonna do, and the more good information they have at their disposal is for everybody's good over the long haul.

As it stands now, them that's got shall get, etc. But music has always been data of one sort or another, at least once it gets beyond the level of primal/uncontrollable aural ejaculation.

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8 hours ago, JSngry said:

Really, I don't know that it's really new technology at all...didn't Zawinul have Wayne sampled into his rig post-Weather Report? That's really all this sounds like, a more evolved sampling, with a more refined set of parameters to play with.

Right. Pat Metheny sampled Pedro Aznar's panflute with the Synclavier and used that long after Aznar left the band.  On the Secret Story tour Lyle Mays' infamous "Prophet" sound was sampled into Jim Beard's Kurzweil K2000 to play on "Are You Going With Me?" (Kinda weird honestly) and Chick Corea sampled his old synths on the RTF Returns tour in '08 but that's more of what you were implying with Joe Z.  What Kenny's doing to recreate Stan, who the hell cares unless it interferes with say if this gets a new Getz fan and they can't enjoy the man himself. Move on to the next thing 

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On 11/9/2021 at 8:33 AM, Rooster_Ties said:

Maybe when Pat Metheny kicks the bucket, Kenny G can release an albums of “duets” with him too.

This would be amazing - would pay for it

Anyway, regarding the original post, who cares. None of us will listen to this

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