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Mosaic booklets, boxes, separate LP’s

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I always wondered how so many people got incomplete sets or on the opposite: have spare booklets, double discs etcetera. I still don’t understand but when I ordered a second hand set of the Mulligan Quartet it came with an extra booklet. And also a booklet of the Paul Desmond Quartets mosaic. And one of the Eddie Condon set…. Maybe there’s somebody here that I could make happy with them? Pm if interested. 

Idea of this thread: if you have a spare booklet, box or LP you could post them here. Maybe there is someone out there who you could make happy. 

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I have an extra Beiderbecke, Trumbauer, and Teagarden Mosaic box, and get my hands on an extra Hodges Verve '56-61 Mosaic box.

I could use an extra Cooper, Holman, and Rosolino box as mine has a badly split spine.

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On 30-5-2022 at 7:40 PM, HutchFan said:

I don't need any of those booklets, Pim (or have any duplicates to share) -- but I love the idea & generous impulse. 

Good karma flowing your way. :tup


Thanks! Of course this free offer was only made for the Organissimo community. On Discogs I am trying to make an unreasonable and insane profit over these booklets ;)

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