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Borje Fredriksson

Larry Kart

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"Intervall" deserves to be much better known. It is a truly great album. 


Unfortunately Discogs tells me that the reissues of "Intervall" have become very expensive. I've never heard the CD, but the reissue on vinyl is of very high quality. It actually sounds so good that it now sits next to the original on my record shelves. 

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I think only Intervall was issued in his life time. The self titled album on EMI/Odeon was issued posthumously.  His compositions were revived by a group call Sister Maj's Blouse - which has Joakim Milder on tenor sax, Bobo Stenson , Fredrik Noren and Palle Danielsson- two or three CDs  were issued

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On 2022-06-15 at 4:58 PM, clifford_thornton said:

Well, the 1963-04-26 date is a bit more specific, so that's pretty believable. Also, I guess Henri Renaud stopped gigging for some time, starting in 1964.

Yes, I believe the 1963 date is correct. Fredriksson was sounding a bit "edgier" already in 1965.

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