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Montego Joe


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So much misinformation. Wikipedia and a bunch of other sources (probably all lifting from Wiki) have him born in NYC. Discogs and the liner notes to his first album have him born in Jamaica (liner notes unspecified location, Discogs says Montego Bay). Some discographies have Arriba! recorded at Van Gelder Studio, but this is likely wrong. Joe was produced by Lew Futterman, who tended to stay out of Bob Weinstock's orbit. Others make it Regent Studios, NYC.

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The liner notes to Prestige 7413 (Wild and Warm) correct an error in the notes to Prestige 7336.  It says he arrived in the US from Jamaica in 1939, when he was nine or ten years old.  Apparently the previous album (which I don't have) states something different.

For whatever that's worth.

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3 hours ago, mikeweil said:

Just pulled out this reissue twofer and listened - nice, but not overwhelming. There are more imaginative conga players than Montego Joe. Milford Graves plays some deep stuff in his solos. The role model definitely is Mongo*s band ....


Is "No Tears" on there?  That is the money cut.

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What I've always been confused by is he's credited with playing drums on The New Boss Guitar of George Benson  but the sound of the drums and the feel clearly is Joe Dukes. That was cut at Regent Studios. I have the George Benson and Jack McDuff Prestige 2fer reissue from 2006 or 7 Concord put out

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Montego Joe came to Dallas with Ted Curson in the late 1970s as "featured guests" at an attemted-annual John Coltrane Festival. Both did not behave well nor play particularly well either. Curson had a documented history to support this performance being a big let-down instead of a determination indicator, but with Montego Joe, I'm afraid it was more or less a "fuck this clown and his New York Attitude no playing ass" thing.

James Clay, who was also the leader of the bnad that accompanied them, extended that verdict to both of them, but that was James clay's prerogative, certainly not mine!

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