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Newport Jazz Festival Programs

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vintage-george-wein-1980-newport-jazz_1_  SOLD

I have two Newport Jazz Festival programs I'd like to sell.

Both are in very good, dare I say excellent condition for their age. The binding is tight on both because they've never really been read. Thumbed through but not "read" like you might a magazine. Both are essentially magazines...50 pages or more (they are unnumbered and I haven't counted). They represent time capsules of the era with the advertisements, artists displayed, and the images. A fun flashback.

1978- officially titled "George Wein Presents the Twenty-Fifth Annual Newport Jazz Festival- New York, Saratoga, June 23-July 2, 1978." It features a great image of Duke Ellington painted by Leroy Neiman on the cover.

1980- "George Wein presents the 27th Newport Jazz Festival- June 27-July 6, 1980." with the "Kool" cigarette logo at the top. The front image is of NYC as painted by Leroy Neiman. 

Both were given to me by a friend. He got them as a result of ushering at the event. Since he was not a jazz fan he stuck them in a drawer where they sat for decades with him eventually giving them to me...his only "jazz friend."

Payment via Paypal "Friends and Family" please. I wish to avoid the tax consequences of a 1099 at year's end for "selling" merchandise.

$18 each plus media mail. Both for $32. 

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