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Where are you going on holiday this year?

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Are you? And if so, what’s this years destination? 

My wife and I have made fantastic and adventurous trips to Nepal, Tibet, Morocco, China etc. but since we have two little boys we have a different kind of holidays…

This year it’s the Portuguese island of Madeira and I have to say: it’s incredibly beautiful. Such beautiful nature and forests and a very attractive climate. We don’t do much more than take a small hike, visit a village and jump in the pool. I guess that’s life with little kids but hey:  It’s great and I am so much enjoying see my little boys having so much fun and looking around amazed by this completely different world.

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We don't do vacations ... having horses and now a dog and a cat mean that someone has to be here if the other has to go somewhere. The closest I get is taking a Friday off for a monthly drive to Naples (FL) to visit my mother in her assisted-living facility, but usually that ends up being a half-day on Friday.  

The closest she gets is the less regular trip to south Florida to visit her family - maybe twice a year. 

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My wife and I spent several weeks earlier this summer in Toronto.  It was fantastic.  Love the place.  Great food.  Friendly people.

We rented a little studio apartment on the 32rd floor of a high-rise downtown -- right in the thick of things, just two blocks from the lake.

I enjoyed raising my children, but being "empty nesters" definitely has its advantages.  ;) 


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Our oldest cat has terminal cancer and I don't want to board him just to take an overdue vacation. My wife and I are taking separate trips so one of us will be home. I'm not much for long bus tours, I like getting to where I'm going and spending more time doing fun stuff.

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