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Today’s Wayne Shorter’s birthday.


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Portions of the unissued Blue Note session are about to be played here (after the Miles set):

WPI’s Jazz History Database kicks off a hot listening session Thursday August 25 on Zoom      


3:00pm to 5:30           Jazz and social dance part III: Frankie Manning (JHDb From the Lab

5:30pm to 6:30           social time and good sounds 

6:30pm to 8:00           78s by bands that played the Savoy (Gian Carlo Cervone hosts) 

8:00pm to 9:00           Paul Bley at Sweet Basil (Crossing Tones Power Hour

9:00pm+                     Hot music from Wayne Shorter (Ras Moshe hosts) 



For the Thursday session: 


[more options below]      


All Times are USA Eastern (EDT) aka GMT-4      

All are welcome to join any time.       



3:00pm–5:30                           JHDb From the Lab        

We’ve spent some quality time indeed this month learning from Bryant DuPre’s interviews with musicians reflecting on the way they engaged with dancers. The series culminates with an extensive listen to the story from the viewpoint of a dancer—the estimable Frankie Manning. Judy Pritchett, Manning’s partner in dance and in life, has curated a guided tour for us of DuPre’s 1988 interview. Not to miss! 



We’ll transition with some reflections on the afternoon, further thoughts on social dancing in the music, and of course groovy platters to bridge us into the evening segment. 



Gian Carlo Cervone spins 78rpm records by groups that played at the Savoy—either resident bands including Fess Williams, Luis Russell, Claude Hopkins, The Savoy Sultans, Chick Webb, Erskine Hawkins, and Lucky Millinder—or bands who came to battle, including Benny Goodman, Count Basie, and Jay McShann. 


8:00pm–9:00                           Crossing Tones Power Hour 

On the Power Hour, Parker Fishel calls our attention to a recording of Paul Bley’s quartet at Sweet Basil, May 30, 1987. Were you there? 


9:00pm forward 

Ras Moshe Burnett leads a celebratory consideration of Wayne Shorter, including some choice mid-Sixties sounds, live with Miles Davis in 1969, and Weather Report 1971–72.  


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