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Hurricane Ian

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Storm surge is not a concern when you live at the far eastern edge of Hillsborough county. The worst long-term rainfall event has put water into the garage, right by the garage door and no more than a centimeter high. I am not concerned for being washed away. Am concerned for being blown away, for the safety of the horses should the barn roof fail in anyway, and for TTK's concern - tree damage.

Edit to add: Loving the 5 pm update, with landfall moving further south.  The center of the cone is no longer so close to the house though obviously its very difficult to avoid serious impacts from this one, not to mention the fact that there is so much uncertainty still.

Then again, right now Clearwater is barely in the cone, and that city is just north of St Pete/Tampa.

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I don’t know how quickly is typically restored in Glorida these days after a storm, but if you can afford it, a wired in generator gives one peace of mind. We bought one after the 2020 Easter tornado that hit our community. Some people we knew were without power for 10-12 days.

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1 hour ago, bresna said:

It looks like the Tampa area may not get hit as hard as originally projected.

Well Tampa is pretty much out of the cone for a direct hit but I just looked at that interactive forecast track page and if you look at the area of hurricane force winds it stretches at least across the width of the cone when it gets near us.  The only potential saving grace is what I said yesterday: weakening by the time the worst winds get here. Forecast says 80 right now and we've dealt with an 80 mph max-sustained wind hurricane before.

The being on the NW side is helpful too, before the storm blew up overnight it had a windzone that was very asymmetrical and wider from eye to the east than eye to the west edge. Maybe that will resume when it makes landfall and the weakening starts.

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Parts of our backyard fence, technically our neighbor's, came down. Otherwise, all is well here. Branches and twigs scattered, nothing major.

Still without power, though.

Part of a tree down the street came down. It apparently fell in the road and a work crew moved it back into the yard. 

 Keeping my phone off to save power.

Hope everyone else is well!

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Moved to South Tampa in 2016 from South Florida. Experienced many storms including Donna and Andrew …..this is the worst storm I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Born in Ft Lauderdale and I have witnessed 8 decades of storms.

Oddly enough only lost power for a few minutes and very little damage. Funny when I moved to Tampa I noticed lack of preparing windows for storm. Neighbor told there is legend that Native Chief performed some reverse curse after storm of 1921 that would repel future direct hit.

Ok, not everything great , I bought retirement home on Sanibel Island in 2017 and planned on moving there full time later this year. I have no clue as to what the future holds regarding that home.

But I am thankful that my family is safe. As a side note I listened to a lot of Dylan past few days. Definitely feeling his take on life after repeatedly listening to Time out of Mind. 

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Posting by phon5.

People and animals safe.

Damage to house shingles and barn/apartment siding. Dog run fence also.

Generator will not start.  Susan hunting for carburetor cleaner.

If we can't get it running we have big prob

lems for well water for horses not to mention refrigeration for all the food we prepped. 

Glad others are OK. 

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