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Another Preview Piece, from New CD: Damned Nation


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this will be out on ESP in 2023 as part of a CD of Americana performances called America: The Rough Cut.

This is my sense of the best way to deal with the heavy black roots of American music. Some of you have gotten bugged in the

past when I've complained about the sad way in which most jazz bands try to be funky and deep blue.  I think this is the way to do it.

The band is me on tenor, Ray Suhy guitar; Krestin Osgood drums; Alex Tremblay bass.

Enough fake funk; the actual name of the piece is Damned Nation, a lament for the USA:






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16 hours ago, Quasimado said:

The rhythm on that piece seems unusual (to my ears) - what would you call that?

There's a bunch of time changes during the playing of the theme which changes the beat somewhat; no exactly sure what to call it but as played by Krestin during the solos it's almost a shuffle with backbeat. But with really a lot more complexity. Hope that helps.

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