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Just became an Organissimo "Collaborator"

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Good morning Chuck,
A premise: I'm honest I can't quite understand the various "functions" of this site which I think is excellent. I don't know if the question I pose to Chuck will reach him and, more importantly how to see his eventual response. However, I ask it hoping that it will be read by him and other visitors to the site. I am really hoping for help from someone.
The question:
On Ornette Coleman's Man On The Moon EP Don Cherry plays on the two tracks or only on one, in this case only on Man On The Moon?
I hope I have made myself clear and thank you in advance for any reply


PS: If this is not the place to ask such a question, where and how could I have sent it?

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Well I don't want to show off here... but I am a collaborator for some time now.... I am glad my grandfather isn't able to get this information anymore. Pretty sure that would have broken his heart.

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39 minutes ago, Pim said:

With almost 80.000 posts that sounds pretty fair 

This shit is weird:

JSngry has earned 11 of 14 ranks, and is in the top 1% of all members! 

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