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Israel Crosby on Apollo

Mark Stryker

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Gang -- I'm researching a column about Israel Crosby. He made only four sides as a leader, all four for Apollo in 1947. None appear to have ever been reissued.  Here's the Tom Lord listing:

Israel Crosby Quartette : unknown (ts), (p), Israel Crosby (b) Jack Cooley (d,vcl)
     unknown location, 1947
R1240    I feel the blues (jc vcl)    Apollo 405
R1241    The death of Piney Brown (jc vcl)           390
R1243    I know the blues (jc vcl)          -
R1244    I deal in cats           405

I've managed to find "The Death of Piney Brown" and "I Know the Blues" online, but the other two songs, issued as Apollo 490 remain elusive: "I Deal in Cats" and "I Feel the Blues." I am DYING to hear these, especially "I Deal in Cats" because it's an instrumental, raising the possibility that it might contain a bass solo. So:

Does anyone have these two sides in digital form? Does anyone have them on 78 who could possibly digitize them for me? Has anyone ever heard them and can you describe them or tell me if there's a bass solo?

Many thanks.


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This session is discussed quite a bit on the Buster Bennett page of the Red Saunders foundation, here. Reading there, it sounds like Crosby is only the nominal leader... And like you might want to email them with your question...

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A good lead, Niko ...

My reflexes of referring to that site (which I consult relatively often elsewheree) seem to have failed me - although the connection was made when the rarity of that session was evoked here some months ago:

P.S: I just noticed Mark Stryker did refer to the Red Saunders site in his post in the below topic on 24 December. So he is aware of that site. Wonder if the collecting experts running the site have been able to provide any clues as to where to search further? If not then Apollo 390 seems to be rarer than even some of the rarest 20s Paramounts.

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