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16 minutes ago, GA Russell said:

I guess times are changing.  58% of the voters rejected a proposal to build new stadiums for the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals.


I guess voters are wising up to this scam in some cities. These teams are worth a fortune and can easily afford to build their own stadiums, but if local taxpayers can be conned into it, or more likely, local politicians who get all kinds of access to games, then why not others pay for them, while insisting on retaining the income from concession sales, parking, etc.?

Even dumber things happen. Local politicians here have approved a new baseball stadium for our AA minor league affiliate. They don't draw all that well but the current stadium, which isn't that old, doesn't meet major league standards and has awkward parking issues. 

To complicate matters, the building site is where a foundry stood for decades, so there's no telling what the hidden environmental costs will be when they uncover them. The push that the stadium will be multi-use and improve development around the somewhat blighted area is likely a con job as well, though the football stadium built downtown has seen a slew of apartment buildings spring up near it.



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15 hours ago, Ken Dryden said:

You don't see it all that often, but it deserves an Oscar when pulled off successfully.


Scroll down to the X video.

This seems to be it. It’s a YouTube ‘short’ — so it has vertical formatting.


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