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How do you choose your avatar?


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When I posted I was trying to get the attention of the monitors. I have an Avatar (profle picture) but it does not show up. Does anyone know why, that is the question. I had posted in another forum but they never answered.

It's a trip reading this thread after all these years. It's sad to see all the friends that have moved on. We used to have so much fun around here. I miss it.

It's too bad the animated .gifs don't work anymore either.

In reply to your post, I was posting a lot with the old format (the bulletin board with the color background). When they went to the white background with pastel color prints, I lost interest. It was harder on the eyes. I personally think the Forums was a lot more successful and fun with the old format. But whatever works for the boss.

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I think the avatars are one of the most fun aspects of this joint. I still don't know who some of the musicians are whose images are used-like the bassists in Face of the Bass or Bertrand's. And the guy w/the funny hat in Bebop's. Some others are more obvious, but it's fun playing detective. I think they absolutely say something about who the people are or admire. They give another dimension to the posts.

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I usually choose as an avatar something that I use that I'm very interested or invested in such as a Fender guitar, amp or string, or a picture of the model motorcycle I drive etc.

I see so many men using beautiful women as their avatar and I both understand. . .and don't understand that.

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Someone once told me, your choice of online avatar speaks volumes about your character and personality.

Uh oh.

Worries me too...

Its fine if you know who Ivor Cutler is (and I recommend at least a youtube search for this eccentric one off and his poetry and songs) but the stance maybe comes across as a wee bit aggressive...

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