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Is there a Pacific Jazz Records Discography?


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One of the things that stalled me in writing a history of the label was what Mikeweil noted, the PJ discographty is a can or worms that is beyond establishing firm data. So I have given up including a discography in the history, instead just writing a chronological narrative that includes specific data I have researched.


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6 minutes ago, Big Beat Steve said:

PJ-18: Picture of Health?? :wAnd this on a record featuring Chet Baker and Art Pepper? Wonder what kind of sly underhanded "humor" this is? :D;)


The title, of course, was "Picture of HEATH", who you will know had the same hea(l)th problems as Chet and Art. 😗

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5 hours ago, Big Beat Steve said:

Yes I KNOW the title is "Heath", of course, but would not have remembered offhand that he had the same heath ...er .. health ;) problems as the two featured artists. So ... given THEIR notoriety, there was something Freudian about this kind of error ...

Yes, indeed. I recall reading that Jimmy's "hea(l)th" problems had landed him in prison at the time (a fate, of course, that Art and Chet were to suffer at other times) and that the charts for the Picture of Heath session were somehow smuggled out. 

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