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Samara Joy


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She also has a musical palette that goes beyond what is currently on record.   She gave a performance with her (highly musical) family here in DC in December that consisted mostly of Christmas songs.   Samara got deeply soulful in an astonishing way that you would not necessarily expect from her current recordings.  Her best records are still ahead of her.   


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she is indeed extremely good, and she sticks out in a place where most singers, good and bad, have become, to my ears, somewhat generic. But I find that no matter how good they are I cannot listen for very long. Not sure I can put my finger on it but it is as though the whole genre - of jazz singing - lacks for a compelling alternative to the older styles. I used to think of Patty Waters as showing the way out, but that's been years since.  I feel like there is some middle ground, some good use of lyric texts that might be possible (never did like late Betty Carter), but I just don't hear it anywhere. Maybe because I just don't find current songwriting compelling, lyrically or melodically. But there must be something somewhere.

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