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Morgan/Shorter and Chambers/Kelly Vee Jays

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Does anyone have any idea how the Koch reissues of the

Shorter Vee Jays compare to the Mosaic set?

not from own experience but from reading all the raving on various boards, I'd say the Koch disks get SMOKED beyond recognition... :(


Well, it's not THAT bad, but the Mosaics are WAAAAAYYYYY ahead! B)

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Some nice covers there. But the one above is the cover of the Charly reissue from the 90s. This is the original:


"Original" is a bit misleading, since this album was not released contemporaneously. Sat in the vaults for a decade or two!

BTW, here's ANOTHER cover, this one from the delightfully named Portugese label "Yes To Jazz". It says it's leased from Charly and shows a copyright date of 1984.

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from Mosaic:
the running low category now represents our estimate that the sets will be sold out in the next three to twelve months

i believe that since the license runs it's course in seven months that this might be the reason to post it up now?

It is.

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This is not supposed to be a political thread. I don't want to mention any specifics about politics here. But, after spending the last couple of days with my mind stuck in the political happenings of the day, I've returned, tonight, to my copy of the Morgan/Shorter Vee Jay Mosaic. I'm listening to the 'Here's Lee Morgan' release as I type these words.

Man, it's nice to be reminded of the excellence of the Mosaic Vee Jay sets. I've had no alcohol this evening. Not a drop. Yet, my mind has been drugged, all the same, by this beautiful music (and the excellent remastering effort of Malcolm Addey). The Vee Jay sets are, as I've written before, an example of the best of Mosaic and not to be missed. Excellent sound and excellent playing by all involved. Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, and Clifford Jordan on the tune I'm listening to now. Combined with Addey's remastering and Cuscuna's packaging. It doesn't get any better.

This music reminds me of the pleasure & privilege of being alive. B)

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