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Noel Gallagher Wants 'Jazz Funeral' Despite Dismissing The Genre As 'F**king Nonsense'


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The Former Oasis Member Claims He Fell In Love With New Orleans, Famous For Its Jazz Culture, Following A Recent Trip To The City Despite Ranting About The Genre.

Sep 23, 2023 

AceShowbiz - Noel Gallagher reveals his desire to be laid to rest in a "jazz funeral" - despite ranting he hated the music. The former Oasis songwriter, 56, explained he made the decision after falling in love with New Orleans on a recent trip to the city famed for brass bands accompanying coffins when they are paraded through its streets.

"I would want a jazz funeral. I went to one recently as a matter of fact – it was great. I think I made a mental note, 'I must have a jazz funeral.' And that would be a great name for a band!" Noel told his comedy writer friend Matt Morgan - who has been in headlines due to his past friendship and working relationship with sex abuse-accused comedian Russell Brand - on his Patreon podcast.

Noel made the remarks despite spending years hitting out at jazz as "f****** nonsense." He said in 2015, "If you've never been to a jazz club, this is what happens at a jazz club - a jazz club is like four guys on stage enjoying themselves more than the 50 people in the audience."

"That's what it is. They're all playing a different song, all at the same time, in different tempos, in different keys, and they call it jazz. It's f****** nonsense."

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It's only loosely related but it's what's on my mind right now... I learned earlier today that one my closest friends (and one of Noel Gallagher's biggest fans) will have no grave, no funeral, nothing, just a quiet disposal of the remains, the family thinks everything else is too much of a hassle... I would have thought I don't care, it's all earthly anyway... but I do.

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I read more nuance in his statement. Rather than a broad slagging of the genre, it reads like he’s saying club shows he’s seen aren’t what he’d reference as jazz. Maybe he’s been seeing some hacks or hobbyists to come to this conclusion, or maybe whatever style being performed just wasn’t to his liking. He actually comes across as possibly having familiarity with the style and perhaps having an opinion on what he likes as “jazz.” 

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Is there any reason I should care about that fellow's opinion?

Name vaguely rings a bell as some kind of famous rock musician...Oasis? had to google to confirm, [s]never heard any of their music[/s]. Correction, I have heard Champagne Supernova, possibly some more tunes I can't recall.

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Having enjoyed Shari Lewis and the much beloved Lamb Chop as a child, I was shocked to see that the latter has become a favorite chew toy for dogs. What the hell did the puppet do to deserve such treatment?! Drugs, booze, a scandal involving a Hollywood starlet? 


4 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

[Dances jerkily on strings, back and forth, in ghastly parodic imitation of a drunk rugby player singing 'Wonderwall' at pub closing time.]

I LOVE the imagery!

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Such a nice guy he is. One listen to Wonderwall says enough to me. We shouldn’t take the man too serious. 

But if he’s serious with that remark about four people that are all playing different things by themselves at the same time it seriously shows his lack of musical knowledge and hearing. Poor fellow.

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