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David Sanborn R.I.P.

Mark Stryker

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His official X (Twitter) account confirms: "It is with sad and heavy hearts that we convey to you the loss of internationally renowned, 6 time Grammy Award-winning, saxophonist, David Sanborn. Mr. Sanborn passed Sunday afternoon, May 12th, after an extended battle with prostate cancer with complications."



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This is sad. I liked a lot of what he did.

His work with Bowie sent me to 'Hideaway' which was possibly my first Jazz (some may say not) album. 'Another Hand' was a stand out for me but there was good to be heard in lots of what he did. Fond memories of seeing him live in a rammed venue in 90s.

I bought his last but one release 'Time And The River' after someone posted it here, it's good

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Very sad to hear. He played on so many records that it seems like I hear about a new one every day. His TV show had some great people on it. I still have a video tape of him and Phil Woods playing Willow Weep For Me on it. He certainly got a lot of use out of the pentatonic scale. My friend Lenny Sciniscgalli worked with him a lot in the NY studios, and loved him, so he probably was aware of him on a deeper level than I was on. RIP

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29 minutes ago, GA Russell said:

RIP.  I enjoyed his TV show. 

I was never aware of an album I might have liked.  Did he make an album with people like us in mind?


The collective personnel on "Another Hand" is Sanborn plus;

Leon Pendarvis – organ (2)
Terry Adams – acoustic piano (3, 4, 7, 😎
Mulgrew Miller – acoustic piano (5, 10)
Bill Frisell – guitars (1, 2, 7), acoustic guitar (6), electric guitar (9)
Marc Ribot – guitars (3, 7, 8), electric guitar (6), acoustic guitar (9)
Al Anderson – guitars (4)
Dave Tronzo – acoustic guitar (6), guitars (7, 😎
Charlie Haden – bass (1, 2, 6, 9)
Greg Cohen – bass (3, 4, 7, 8), arco bass (9), arrangements (9)
Marcus Miller – bass guitar (5, 10)
Joey Baron – drums (1, 2, 3, 6–9)
Steve Jordan – drums (4)
Jack DeJohnette – drums (5, 10)
Don Alias – percussion (2, 3, 4, 6–9)
Lenny Pickett – tenor saxophone (2), horn arrangements (2), contrabass clarinet (9), E flat clarinet (9)
Art Baron – trombone (2, 9), bass trombone (9)
Syd Straw – vocals (4, 6)Charlie Haden,

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I don't know about people like "us", but I started liking his records around the time of Hideaway, some more than others, some more "commercial" than others, but all of them very musical. Always. 

I always liked him with Gil Evans. He was in over his head, but he knew it and just went ahead, stepped on his dick, did the work, learned the lessons, and came out better for having done so.

Always humble about his music, no matter how much success he had with it

So if that's who "us" is, I'll take it. Otherwise...

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Well that "Ramblin´" is not so bad, but if I want to hear Ornette Coleman with "electric instruments" I rather prefer the original, I mean "Primetime". I love electric jazz but it outa be more the rough thing, like 1970´s Miles and Coleman. 
I must admit I never really heard much about David Sandborn otherwise than a lotta folks mentioning his name in those 1980´s or 1990´.

I think it´s the kind of jazz that people like, who otherwise do not like jazz, people who dig the more polished versions. 

As what I hear from the saxophone sound, he sure can play, but never ever could it touch me as much as Jackie McLean, or living altoists like Donald Harrison or Vincent Herring to give an example. 

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