WKCR Is In Trouble!!

By Brad in Jazz Radio & Podcasts,
WKCR, 89.9 FM in New York and WKCR on the web, which broadcasts principally jazz is in financial trouble and is trying to raise money through a pledge-a-thon. They are approximately $700,000 in debt, principally due to having replace equipment destroyed on 9/11. WKCR has been broadcasting jazz since 1941 and there is a real possibility that unless they raise sufficient funds to retire some of this debt, it will be the end of jazz programming. WKCR holds several birthday broadcasts where they broadcast a person's music for 24 hours straight. The next one is this Sunday for Roy Eldridge. They also have 70 minutes daily just devoted to Charlie Parker as well as programming from 6 am to 930 am (including the Bird show), 12 pm to 3 pm and 6pm to 9pm daily as well as after midnight. They also have public programming and are required to broadcast Columbia sports but the main focus is jazz. I doubt that I'd be the jazz fan today I am it weren't for this station. Where else can you get so much daily attention on Charlie Parker? I know that many of you complain about Phil Schapp but where else can you get that much time every day on Bird, not to mention the other jazz programming they have throughout the weekdays and the weekends. If you can, please pledge at WKCR. Losing this station as a jazz resource would be a big loss for jazz.
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