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  1. Slow moving merchandise apparently. Surprised to see the Blakey on there. Price reduced from $40 to $24.
  2. The best bet for the Mehegan date seems Fresh Sounds.
  3. Almost done with this. Interesting book although not really a spy novel, which is what I expected. Not sure what to turn to next. May do a re-read of The Honorable Schoolboy or Claude Simon’s The Flanders Road. As I like to read both non fiction and fiction books simultaneously I’m currently focusing on
  4. I listened to this yesterday and for the first three or four songs I wasn’t getting it, almost ready to toss into the sale pile, but then it started to click on the fifth song and I got what they were doing. It’s a cd that requires repeated listening; I listened to it twice. Someone mentioned that GT Hogan’s drumming reminds them of Blakey. The only difference I heard was that Hogan’s playing is softer, unless it’s a miking issue. This cd is sort of a buried gem in Dorham (and Henry’s) work.
  5. It’s been years since I’ve listened to it but it didn’t grab me like KD’s Blue Notes.
  6. Yes, because of the Torrents of Spring and his desire to switch publishers.
  7. An early mentor to Hemingway who ultimately wasn’t very kind to him.
  8. It gives an image of rural Minnesota or rural life in general coming into conflict with someone who doesn’t really fit in there.
  9. Since you mentioned Willa Cather, did you ever read Sinclair Lewis’ Main Street?
  10. To paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, “I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.”
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