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Randy Marsh - drums:

Randy Marsh (Grand Rapids, MI) is known throughout the state of Michigan as the drummer of choice. His resume is distinguised and long but he has never rested on his well-deserved laurels. With organissimo, Randy has found another outlet for his experience, his endless creativity, and his positive spirituality.

Randy comes from a musical family as well. His father, Arno Marsh, played tenor in Woody Herman's Thundering Herd, Stan Kenton's big band, Lionel Hampton's big band, Maynard Ferguson's big band, and with musicians such as Buddy Rich and Sammy Davis Jr. among many, many others. And he is still a staple of the Las Vegas big band scene after over 50 years. But Randy credits his mother, Grand Rapids jazz singer Mary Lou Marsh, for giving him a deep love of music and especially jazz.

Randy has been drumming for almost 40 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Indeed, he is at the peak of his playing with organissimo, bringing fire and intensity as well as his trademark sense of humor. Like his hero Art Blakey, Randy's drumming is truly one of kind.

If he's not behind the drums, chances are Randy is out biking the trails and kayaking the rivers in the wilds of Michigan.

Check out Randy's Facebook page for more about the Marsh-Man!


" Listening carefully to Randy Marsh play drums and watching him do it are two completely different activities. It's hard to do justice to both at once — like wine-tasting on a pogo stick. "
~ Lawrence Consentino, City Pulse, November 2004


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