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  1. Q - Tip - The Renaissance

    I picked this up last week and thought it was quite good. I didn't know that Rosenwinkle was in it, though! yes i love rosenwinkel on hip hop albums, i think he makes another 'hip hop' ish camio on a cd by the group wax poetic or something like that.... ts not as cool at all though in my opinion because whoever produced that cd didnt seem to understand that kurt has a better ear for hip hop than them...haha.
  2. Aside from the amazing modern jazz movements of the late 80s and 90s there seems to be something else going on, Bands like Tortoise and the Chicago Underground led inpart by guitarist Jeff Parker seem to tastefully and timelessly blend archetypal aesthics from rock and pop that have been overlooked by alot of"jazz gurus" ive come to know. Each generation i believe has a sincere contribution to add to the immortal organism that has become jazz music. What alot of people i discuss music with seem to disreguard is that Human kinds unconcious as a whole is ever changing and one of the only mediums/outlets to display this evolution is through jazz music/modern art. So take a dive in, dont be afraid: check out bands like "Icy Demons", "Tortoise", "Chicago Underground Trio/Quartet", "Q-Tip", "Daedalus", "SpaceEquator" , "Jega Jazzist", "Sequins and Skeletons", even "Radiohead", And then listen to albums like "heartcore" by kurt rosenwinkel, and Brad Mehldau playing Paranoid Android.... id say 20% of great musicians these days 'get it' and the light switch gets flipped on. If feel like alot of creativity in jazz is lost in the educational system...not the education itself but the university me there is something much more romantic/original about an uneducated movement from the same personality types that create interesting rock and roll AND JAZZ ...(cant we all just get along?) something much more grassroots, like a true renaissance of jazz. and to take it for granted would be to overlook a new chunk of jazz history. In this day and age there is such a polarization between even genres of music that unconcious prejudices keep your musical ear from evolving. dont be stuck in power chords and distortion and not bathing, and dont be stuck in II,V,I's, Pink Panther Theme Songs, and Minor Pentatonic either. Of course after reading this I even realize "Wow...Im really Idealistic", but i discover its not the genres im nit picky over its the community as a whole.
  3. Q - Tip - The Renaissance

    Well im very glad i stumbled upon this forum...unfortunately it was related to the injury of Mark Turners fingers...anyways i just picked up long time hip hop mc/producer Q-Tips new album entitled "The Renaissance", i heard guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel worked 6 years on this album with him due to label difficulties...anyways after hearing he was on it i had to get the album.... i was not let not sure how into Hip Hop alot of you old and new timers are but there are alot of great musical ideas and adaptations on this record.... D'angelo, and Norah Jones are also on this.