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How to Download Music From Soundcloud with Soundcloudtomp3downloader

Are you looking for an easy and free way to get music from SoundCloud? Look no further than https://soundcloudtomp3downloader.net/. This online tool has everything you need to quickly and safely download music from the popular streaming platform.  Read on to find out what makes this service so great!  What is Soundcloudtomp3downloader? Soundcloudtomp3downloader is a simple web-based tool that enables users to convert any audio clip from SoundCloud into an MP3 file. This means that you


victormayer in Soundcloud

MOD Android Games: A Comprehensive Overview

MOD (modification) games are user-modified versions of popular video games. They have been around for quite some time and have become increasingly more popular over the years. Generally speaking, MOD APK games are created by gamers who have a passion for customizing their gaming experience and creating something new out of an existing game. In this blog post, let’s take a closer look at what MOD Android games are and why they’re so popular. You can download MOD games at Uptomods. What is a


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A Comprehensive Guide to Ringtones

For decades, ringtones have been a popular way to customize the sound of your smartphone or other device. Whether you opt for a classic favorite like “Hallelujah” or want something more modern like a popular TikTok song, choosing the right ringtone can be daunting. To help make it easier, let’s look at how to find and download the perfect ringtone.  This is a free ringtones site for you: https://dzwoneknatelefon.com/ Finding Your Ringtones  The first step in finding the perfect ri


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Get Ready to Groove with Jazz Ringtones

If you’re looking for a new way to express your musical taste when someone calls, consider jazz ringtones! Jazz has been around since the early 20th century and it's still one of the most popular music genres today. So why not bring the soulful sounds of jazz to your mobile phone? Let’s explore why jazz is an ideal genre for your ringtone and where you can find great jazz ringtones for any type of mobile device at site SonneriePortable.Com.  Why Choose Jazz? Jazz is an incredibly versa


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Larry Goldings Trio, March 13

March 4, 2012: Larry Goldings Trio. Duc des Lombards, Paris. Larry Goldings, Hammond B3 organ; Peter Bernstein, guitar; Bill Stewart, drums. Last time I saw this trio it was billed as the Peter Bernstein Trio. I guess they take turns. This is a hard-swinging group. Bernstein's lines are beautifully clear and sure and elegant, whereas Goldings goes a bit further out, often whimsically, at the organ. Stewart takes care of business, always calm on the surface as he stokes the flames. They

Tom Storer

Tom Storer


I figure I'll use this blog to keep track of concerts I see, and who knows what else. January 22, 2012: Wynton Marsalis. Duc des Lombards, Paris. (Pure coincidence that my blog starts with Wynton. I'm neither a cheerleader nor a knee-jerk basher.) Wynton Marsalis, trumpet; Hervé Sellin, piano; Bruno Rousselet, bass; Jeff Boudreaux, drums. I took advantage of a hastily announced visit by Wynton M. to the tiny Duc des Lombards club in Paris last night. It's been a long while since I've b

Tom Storer

Tom Storer

a change is gonna come

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do you believe in miracles??

you do believe in miracles, if you play the lottery. recently reading that the price of powerball tickets will shortly increase, i thought, why did it take them so long to raise prices. for a long time, i've thought that the various lotteries are mainly a tax on poor people. is there anything sadder than walking into a convenience store and find folks sometimes buying and buying and buying tickets. lottery managers want poor people thinking they'll be rich overnight. the od



The first entry

January 3, 2012 - So here I go - my first attempt at blogging. I don't know where this will go (or even if it will go) but i figured let's give it a try! Happy new year all and let's make it a GREAT one!!!

Bright Moments

Bright Moments

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