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  2. Check it out. They're good. Kind of 'nervous psychedelia'. I just saw them last Friday.
  3. https://www.onyxjazzclub.com/gezziamoci-85-99 At least some photographies from said Jazz Festival in Italy ....
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  5. Artist Title Time Jim Snidero Far Far Away 06:59 Jim Snidero Infinity 07:39 Jim Snidero It Might as Well Be Spring 07:00 Jim Snidero Nowhere to Hide 06:56 Jim Snidero Obsession 07:52 Jim Snidero Pat 05:16 Jim Snidero Search for Peace 04:45 Jim Snidero Little Falls 07:42 New from Jim Snidero Far Far Away Savant Records SCD 2207 Jim Snidero – alto saxophone Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar Orrin Evans – piano Peter Washington – bass Joe Farnsworth – drums Airplay Starts Now Suggested Tracks 4. Nowhere to Hide (6:56) • 6. Pat (5:15) • 7. Search for Peace (4:45) • 8. Little Falls (7:41) Like our stuff? Let’s hear from you. Record Company Contact Barney Fields • Savant Records, Inc. barney.fields@ix.netcom.com • (212) 873-2020 • www.jazzdepot.com 2207 Jim S... 2207 Jim S...
  6. Kevin, I'm not sure that's right. I'm no expert, but I think that tracks recorded in '62 are PD in Europe. It's very possible that many 1962 recordings were released and sold in 1963. They would be public domain now nevertheless. Any European here want to weigh in?
  7. I vaguely recall two or three Don Henley quasi-hit singles that I heard on the radio and thought sucked less than the Eagles. Had to check allmusic... "Dirty Laundry" and "Boys of Summer" are in that category. However, the tunes are pretty Eagles-like iirc. But I never owned any recordings by either.
  8. mjzee

    BFT 227

    I haven't read any of the prior comments. 1) I know this tune. Written by Wes M? I like how the pianist takes his time. Guitarist sounds a little like Pat Martino. Very nice and relaxing, has a good groove. 2) I'm guessing the scatter is not the pianist. Is the pianist Jimmy Rowles? Nice performance. 3) SQ sounds like the 50's. I don't know the tune. It's difficult to make a trumpet trio interesting. I like the trumpeter; the bassist is a little too on-the-beat. 4) Leader has listened to a lot of Mingus. Jack Walrath? Bassist has a good sense of time...unless that's not a bassist. Bob Stewart on tuba? Is this all brass? First 4 tracks: A lot of sense of space. None can be considered dense. 5) Nice latin groove. It is Ricky Ford? Every jazz band should have a conga player. 6) Pretty Brazilian tune. Reminiscent of Getz/Gilberto. 7) I don't know what language this is. Singer has a nice voice. Without knowing the words, I had a hard time relating to it or enjoying it. Good performance. 8. I like this. Laid back but insistent. Sax has a great tone. Nice front line: sax, trumpet (flugelhorn?), guitar. Has a nice "Maiden Voyage" vibe. 9) Flute, guitar & piano. Has a late 50's vibe (also the hard panning). Also cello! Chico Hamilton? I like this. 10) Piano - bass. Bassist is obviously not afraid of the pianist. Nice interplay. I'm curious who they are. Wish the pianist stepped out more. Good stuff. 11) More bass, then baritone. That's it - a duo? Huh. I like the control the bari exhibits - good tone. Nice arrangement, but could've used more musicians. 12) Nice arrangement. Very controlled. Sax sounds like it could bust out, but stays confined. The bongos give it an exotic feel. This one surprised me. Sounds romantic, but with a sinister undertone. 13) Organ only. Sounds a little sleepy. Organist has chops, but it didn't do much for me. What does he sing at the end? 14) Finishing off with a big band. Kinda berserk big band! The vibes should be a giveaway, but no one comes to mind. The vocal sounds more appropriate for Halloween. Good fun. Good BFT! I look forward to the reveal.
  9. Thought I did that but it didn't work for me (perhaps because I was replying to something?). Anyways, I got it now. Thanks Hutchfan. Wish it was for a more noble cause...
  10. Late

    Dave van Kriedt

    Listening to this again. It's just as good as the Columbia sides. van Kriedt is solid.
  11. Sounds great. And definitively NOT some stale reading of dusty pages under glass. Thanks for tickling our ears...
  12. I love older music, and I love playing older music, though I have some very specific ideas of how it should be done. There are, I think, two ways to go. From a revivalist perspective you've got to play the hell out of the music; take, for example, Jon-Erik Kellso, one of the great trumpeters of our time, who gets so inside the music that there is no creative distance between his playing and the song. For me, the way to go is to deal with the spirit and the energy of the original source and try to find an alternative way in; I note that there has been a recent recorded tribute to James Reese Europe, though to my ears it is done badly, with a deadness that comes from trying to do a literal re-creation. For our upcoming CD In the Dark I composed a piece as a parallel to what I hear as Europe's way of playing, an attempt to harness that incredible band's amazing energy. I think I can say, immodestly, that we have succeeded, in a way that puts us way in advance of anyone else today (there have been other, older, approaches, which have used something closer to the original arrangements). For our thing, which I call Castles in the Sand, I allowed for "free" improvising, within certain felt constraints, and I am very proud of it. I can't get the New York Times to acknowledge my existence these days (they recently wrote about the recent re-creations by someone else) - but here it is, and I challenge any other contemporary approach to get closer to the spirit of this old and amazing music: (and you can all order this stuff, it will be out within the month):
  13. David -- For YouTube videos, just paste the URL in the message. No special command needed.
  14. 592×600 73.6 KB From this box set Followed by Chick Corea “Expressions” GRP cd Man, this guy is so chipper, and shows off a bit. But a satisfying listen.
  15. Not Drew and NHÖP, but both well known players, one of them lived in Sandinavia, too, for several years. Doesn't anybody recognize the tune?
  16. JSngry

    Wayne Shorter

    I know you know. But...
  17. 👍 Now: One of my desert island recordings, no matter how small the list may be. 👍 Every Basie Roulette is wonderful, IMHO.
  18. Yes, I'm aware. I said a cover of a cover. I wish I knew how to embed videos here though....
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