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  3. Agreed that Yamame is excellent. Pretty much straight-ahead hard bop and very well done. Only slight criticism I can make is that it's recorded with really heavy reverb, which may not be to everyone's taste.
  4. I had the same sentiment on the sound quality when I first listened to this. I didn’t revisit it for a long time bc of that actually. Thought about getting rid of it too. Then at some point, it clicked for me. Jim ID’d the record it came from, but this is from the CD. No idea if the LP would sound better. All I can say is I’m glad I gave it multiple listens. Definitely wish someone would clean it up - if that’s even possible. Trumpet is Candoli btw. Alto is Pepper and tenor is Bob Cooper.
  5. Allen Toussaint, The Bright Mississippi (Nonesuch)
  6. Binge watching Suits Season 1. Light and fluffy lawyer drama/comedy that I'm hooked on.
  7. @tkeith Hoping some folks try to puzzle out the alto before the end of the month. So far we've eliminated Red Holloway, Charlie Williams, Chris Woods, Hank Crawford, Lockjaw and Cleanhead. My hint is, this well-regarded player had a few leader dates but is best known as a sideman/feature soloist.
  8. With apologies -- this month has sucked ass. It's pure guilt that's even got me to the point of fitting in a listen. Big Al -- This sounds like something else, but I can't figure out what. And it's overlaid with the music my grandmother used to have going on the radio ("Beautiful music, from the top of Mt. Washington..."), but way hipper. Tinkling pianist is familiar, but I can't quite get there. I'm enjoying the hell out of this (which is a feat, because I'm in an absolutely shit mood). It's fun, it's tasteful, and it's arranged without being overly so. Big All for the win! [edit: hint as to the type of week it's been -- three songs in I realized I was on shuffle... #fml] Dan Gould -- This makes FAR more sense than what I THOUGHT was your track due to the shuffle issue. No idea what this is. It works, but mignt not be in my regular play stack. It's fun, but also serious enough to be, well, taken seriously. I'm positive it's someone I'm not overly familar with. Reminds me of Red Holloway. A single tune in this vein as part of a set would leave me smiling and wanting more. Two of them would leave me wishing it had been one. Plenty to like here, though. Growly alto is enjoying himself. Bass player may well be in a coma. danasgoodstuff -- Something familiar about the song. Has a touch of that Ibrahim feel in it. A little new-agey, but not in an offensive way. I assume this is two pianists. Dub Modal -- West coast recorded from down the hall? Chops to spare, but what on earth is going on with the sound. Not sure on the alto, but that trumpet could be Howard McGee. Can only give you a list of who the tenor is not. The sound is really off-putting. I've got headphones on and really don't feel comfortable even trying to guess on the players. Unfortunate. Eric -- Musicianship is here in this one, but I just don't feel it. It's very technical to the point of sounding contrived. At about 0:40, sounds almost like Oliver Lake, but it doesn't have that level of hip. But for the nice sound, I might think this was Braxton. There's an intentional sparseness that reminds me of, of all things, a Wynton Marsalis record. Seems like inside guys (or at least contemporary traditional guys) trying to be 'out'. Not sure what to say other than, I'm just not buying it. mjazzg -- This has a similar sense of intent that the last track had, but this works a whole lot better to my ear. Not sure what the stringed instrument is -- sounds like a plucked cello. I'm not in love with the sound, but what he's playing works, and the horns are providing just the right texture. This track is a keeper for sure. randyhersom -- A-ha! You don't sneak Rahsaan by me! It's track 2 from this. Good stuff throughout. THIS is how you put a different spin on a rusty razor tune. Rooster_Ties -- Heavy Bitches Brew influence. Wondered at first if it was from the extended set, but no. I like it, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Feel like I should have a handle on who this is, and there are chops to spare, but it's also very honest. That description is troublesome, because it suggests I should know what this is. Alas, I do not. sidewinder -- A Henderson-influenced tenor who I'm not familiar with. It's in 3, so I like it. Reminds me of Joe's stuff on Milestone. Drummer is very familiar -- like a cross between Billy Hart and DeJohnette. webbcity -- It's got an air of Woody Shaw that makes me happy. Not Woody, but certainly a capable trumpeter. I've heard this. There's a little bit of... slop is too harsh a word... it's imperfect, and that's what is endearing about it. The musicianship is there, the story is there, but there's no sense that this has been practiced ad nauseam prior to recording it. There's something very honest about this. Then the tenor comes in. Sounds a bit like Lew Tabackin, but it's not up to what the previous players set up. Hints of David Murray in there, as well, but the execution isn't quite there for me. Piano puts it back on track. On the whole, the track is still a win. Wait, now, about the 5-minute mark, there's a couple of lines that lead me to believe this might just be John Hicks. Maybe not, but certainly from an adjacent school of thought. Funny part is, all of the above was written before I realized it was your track (due to the aforementioned shuffle issue). In hindsight, every word of this makes complete sense. This is kind of a neat exercise. Good call, Dan. Maybe this is just the think I needed to unf*** my week.
  9. John Lewis, Harold Farberman, Gunther Schuller, William O. Smith – Dedicated To Dolphy ... 1966
  10. I certainly tried that, but no matter how I phrase the search, I cannot find a list of the CD releases.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Highly-touted Yankees prospect Spencer Jones hit a 470-foot home run in his spring training debut today, so I’m happy about that. The new uniforms are an aesthetic disaster. And I strongly suspect the Boras Four are all going to have to lower their asking prices significantly.
  13. Great finds, TTK! I am delighted to see that although the Staccato soundtrack is not on CD, it can be streamed by Amazon Prime members. https://www.amazon.com/music/player/albums/B0186SF5L6
  14. You should check out the Record Store Day website.
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