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  1. New B3-p, which leslie??

    Thanks Jim, Do you think the old are better sounding than the new? I'm happy to purchase which ever suits/sounds best with the b3-p. Will have a listen to your combo's mentioned. Thanks again, Nicole
  2. New B3-p, which leslie??

    Hi there, I'm just wanting some advice on which Leslie would sound the best with the New B3-p? Just bought the B3-p, have it going through an old 722HL which belongs to my B3000. Not sure if an old 122/147(valve leslie) would sound better than the New 122xb/147 or do I get the 3300? The 3300 would probably suit best as I'm gigging with it but if the warmth/sound is not as good I'm prepared to cart the 122/147 around. The new mark11 of the 21 system is also available. Too many choices.....???? I use the pedalboard and play modern jazz. Any comments/thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers