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  1. Gliss Bliss?

    Jim, your schedule note mentioned playing The Jazz Summit from 8 to 10, but their "official" schedule mentioned 5:30. Do you know which is right? I was thinking of try to talk my way in somehow (I know it's a long shot, but I figure I have little to lose except some dignity, which is overrated anyway). -- Mark
  2. Gliss Bliss?

    Good idea -- I'll try to look good and road-weary to fool them.
  3. Gliss Bliss?

    I looked up the Jazzweek Summit -- but if I paid the $199 registration, I'd have to come with you on the road because my wife would surely kick me out. I don't suppose you know if there are any tickets the public can buy?
  4. Gliss Bliss?

    Thanks so much, Jim -- I'll mess with the key click and see how that goes... Great meeting you here at the festival. You were so generous with your time (who needs set breaks, right?!). I went home thinking of all the many things I should have asked you -- but you took care of that, too, with this forum. After your first set I tracked down our music writer (the magazine I run is published by the daily newspaper here) and told her she had to go hear you guys. She did her live blog from your second set, so hopefully she pulled some more people into the show. Hurry back here, would you? Thanks again.
  5. Gliss Bliss?

    This is a beginner's question, but here goes: As a piano player just learning organ, I'm using a Voce V5 sound module and motion sound rotating speaker (real rotation, but not as good as a Leslie, of course) to try to simulate a B-3. The sound isn't bad, but I notice when I play a gliss, it doesn't come close to the same bite and growl as I've heard with real B-3s. I'm grabbing several notes and gliding quickly, just like I've seen it done countless times. Any ideas why? I know my setup is never going to sound exactly like the real thing, but this aspect seems particularly "off" while the general tone is much closer, relatively speaking. Thanks for any ideas... P.S. I just saw Organissimo live and, well, I'm incredibly inspired from it. Brilliant stuff that's still rattling around in my head two days later...