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  1. Self-Accompanying Jazz Artists

    I want to thank each of you for the fantastic suggestions. They helped mightily in the preparation of my program on The Self-Accompanying Jazz Artist. Here is a Dropbox weblink to a ZIP file that contains the musical and video files used in the program:
  2. Self-Accompanying Jazz Artists

    Incredible list I am acquiring, friends. I can't thank you enough. I will have a fantastic program!!
  3. Self-Accompanying Jazz Artists

    Yes, yes, yes, of course, Shirley, and thanks, duaneiac, for that fantastic list. How about bassist Milt Hinton? I'd love for others to add their suggestions!
  4. Self-Accompanying Jazz Artists

    I am preparing a program on self-accompanying jazz artists and am not sure if this is the precise forum to post this question. Of course, there are jazz pianists who also sang, notably Nat King Cole. Of course, there is Nina Simone and Diana Krall. There are Slim and Slam. I am not looking for blues, rock, or folk artists. There are tons and tons of them who accompany themselves. I would appreciate other artists who sing and who also play an instrument. Many thanks
  5. Monk & Ellington at Newport 1962: Digital version?

    I have just read a post mildly scolding me for not telling forum members more about myself--for which I apologize. I am an Episcopal priest by background, a jazz student of many years, love everything from ragtime to contemporary, have a huge jazz collection (over 2,000 albums), read voraciously, and attend classes at Rutgers, Newark, in the masters in jazz studies program. My professor, Dr. Lewis Porter, has become a good friend, and I have attended several of his most stimulating courses--historiography, Coltrane, history of the tenor saxophone, jazz in film, and most recently Monk and Mingus. I am from Virginia originally, moved to New Jersey in 1982, am divorced, live in West New York, New Jersey (with a glorious view of Manhattan), host a jazz listening club that meets in my home once a month (we've held over 100 sessions)--the club featuring a chosen theme or artist. I'd be happy to invite any members of this forum who live in the NYC area if they are interested. Just get to be privately. I am a member of several jazz forums, and find that I could devote my entire life to sitting at the feet of so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. But I have to restrain myself. After all, it's a big world out there.
  6. Monk & Ellington at Newport 1962: Digital version?

    Thanks, everyone, for the helpful replies. I'll save myself the bother of examining the 1962 Newport DVD. What a great forum!
  7. In 1962 Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington were both featured at the Newport Jazz Festival. I have two questions. There was a bootleg of the performance of Monk with the Ellington band, Monk playing on two pieces. Does anyone have these performances in mp3 format? Or does anyone know where one can find these performances. There is a DVD of the 1962 Newport Jazz Festival. Some ads on websites list Monk and Ellington, but the DVD box itself does not list Monk. Has anyone seen this DVD, and does it feature Monk with Ellington? An inquiring mind would like to know! Thanks.