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  1. Sticking Drawbar

    Thanks for answering so fast jim. I took the two top screws off but some of the knobs were to tight and I didnt want to force it. I don't know what takes to get to the draw bars. Are you the same Jim with all the Xk3 tweaks? If so what tweaks do you have for the Xk1. Thanks jerry
  2. Sticking Drawbar

    I have a problem with a sticking first draw bar. The others move great, but the first feels the only way to describe it an a sticking feeling. Called Hammond Tec no answer back. No drink has ever been spilled on it. It was like this way the day I got it in April 2010. Can you spray contact cleaner in there and work it? I'm afraid do do that though. I dont want to short it out. The other question I have asked and can't get a responce to is settings for the Xk1. I keep hearing someone has setting for the Xk3s. I realize you can't tweak the 96 tone wheels but the other settings such as key click, eq, percussion fold over ect. I find the manual not very helpful. Thanks Jerrymac.
  3. xk1

    I have a xk1 and does any one have any suggestions for the eq settings and key click ect. I play it through a ventilator and 2 qsc 12 Thanks.