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  1. Celebrating Sinatra

    Picked this one up on the cheap and have really enjoyed it. Looks like the reviews are really mixed here, but I have to say that as someone that has never really gotten into Lovano despite his impressive chops, I find this one quite interesting and enjoyable. Not sure if it is Manny Albam's orchestration that should get the credit here or Lovano's ideas, but anyone that has had difficulty with Lovano might like to give this one a try. IMHO

  2. Have seen her several times over the last couple of years in a quartet led by Julie Bonk. Fits in perfectly with Julie. Nice.

    1 hour ago, kh1958 said:

    Correct. From Fort Worth.

    The song is "And I Cried" concerning her diagnosis with an incurable disease affecting, among other things, her lungs-sarcoidosis.

    Years ago, I saw her play at the Caravan of Dreams several times with Charles Moffett. Also, she is the saxophonist on the final Ronald Shannon Jackson and the Decoding Society recording on DIW, Shannon's House.

    After disappearing from live appearances for many years, recently she seems to have rallied and plays an occasional concert, one of which I attended a few weeks ago. She mostly played EWI, but the three songs where she played her tenor were quite good--especially a wonderful version of Over the Rainbow.  


    45 minutes ago, JSngry said:

    I crossed paths (lightly), with her back in the very early 1990s when playing on the local "chitlin' circuit", she'd come out to some gigs and listen. She was more or less a novice then, but was obviously gifted and sincere. I don't have this record, wasn't really aware of it, but now that I am....