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  1. hammond sk2 extra voices

    I know that nord has been doing this longer. But i still want to put pressure at hammond so they realize that we are a group of people wanting to expand our sk's and then hopefully will feel obligated to deliver their best. I really like the sk 2 and it fits me perfect in the deep purple type of band i play in now. And the size and keyboard is lovely! Wouldnt it be nice if we could produce and share sound by the way? I am sure that you Jim would be able to produce some amazing synthesizer type sounds if you got the chance :-) Here. I sent an email to hammond. This is their reply: Dear Mr. Eide, Thank you for your email and congratulations with your new SK-2 and Leslie 3300. It is a fine setup. We are working on new library voices and soon you will see new voice-groups on our website. In the most recent software (release 4) we introduced an extra A-piano group with new piano-voices. If you don't have this release yet you may download it from our web-sites. We have now 5 groups of library voices on line, more to follow soon. Your other requests will be forwarded to our product development department. Best regards, Jan Kok Hammond Suzuki Europe bv Ir. D.S. Tuynmanweg 4a 4131 PN Vianen Netherlands So, they are on the move. And that is good for all of us :-)
  2. SK1 8 pin lead why so expensive

    Hammond is a exlusice brand name. same as levi´s, cadillac, mercedes and gucci. they charge more, people still buy. I understand them. I also bought the 8 pin cable....
  3. hammond sk2 extra voices

    I have had my hammond SK-2 for a week now and played a lot. I really like this instrument but still have a few points to mention in case someone from hammond read this. positive: * a LOT of things. in fact the most. lets move over to negative: * to few extra voice libraries. this is major fault. reed organs? strings? WTF? we need keyboard based sounds. as synthesizers. moogs, jupiters, and more piano and el piano variations. actually piano is good. I would like readjustments of the velocity of the pianos. Hammond! start producing extra voice libraries at once! You promised. * the hammond, and church organ are wery good, so we don't need to use more time on those. * no modulation wheel or bender. sad. this is a perfect keyboard to bring at a gig or jam. s soaring synth solo on the upper manual would be perfect, but a missing a bender does the old classy synth solo more difficult.... * one drawbar set is good enough for me. but two would still be nice. four is not necessary. * glitching in the mp3 player when playing songs and jamming fast to it. sure this is a software error and will be corrected. otherwise, I love it. but more voices....and a bender.... please.... the nord community are laughing at the rate hammond is producing the extra voices libraries...they have tons. but on the other hand, they also have the silly brio button drawbars. other people have experience with the sk1 and ski?
  4. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    Great. I found a guide on the 1/4 jack on the m3. It will be exiting to hear how the m3 will sound throught the 3300! Another total different question. Is it possible to load your xk3 tonewheels into the sk1?
  5. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    Okay Jim! I discussed with my wife and we agreed to take the trip! She will meet an old school friend in trondheim and i go to get me a dose of hammond and meet you. I Am looking forward to meet you! I grap the chance now. It will cost me a lot more to come to america to meet you! :-) When i comes to the "connect-the-hammond-m3-to-leslie 3300" issue, i got the idea that i actually also could make a 1/4 jack output and just use a classic jack. Maybe a idiotic question :-), but do you think it will be any sound difference using the leslie 3300 jack input compared to the 11 pin?
  6. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    That would certanly be worth it for me. Specially since you actually live on the other side of the world normally :-) I'll check my schedule and with my wife! I'll come back to you.
  7. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    Oh, at the hell blues festival!. Actually i went to service my time in the Norwegian army in stjørdal, which is just about some minutes away from Hell. That name by the way must sound strange in your ears :-) If you have time to say hello, i would certanly love to come and see you in Hell! :-) He he he. Ålesund is a very nice city. Actually it won a national voting contest some years ago, and got the title the most beautiful city of norway. Not bad! :-) I guess your time schedule will forbid you to travel to ålesund. If you had the time. I certanly would be proud to be a host and a guide for you! I have been interessted in hammonds some time and here is by the way my hammond web site: http://hammond.hamcar.info/
  8. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    I called ray at hammond, and he wanted me to use a leslie 1174 kit. I'll look into it one day. I am located in aalesund. It is on the west coast. So you are comming over here with janiva? Where! And when? Maybe i can come and see your concert and maybe exchange a couple of words before you move on?
  9. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    Hello jim. I was hoping for a "147 to 11 pin" kind of kit. O need to check the hammond suzuki maybe. By the way jim, i am a pianotuner in norway. You were working as a piano technichian too? Maybe you are tired of hearing it, but great organ playing! You are a inspiration :-)
  10. Leslie 3300 on Hammond m3

    Hello! since reading the Jim alfredson article about Leslie 3300 i Bought myself one. great leslie! I use this on a Hammond SK-1 with the little 8 pin cable. nice cable by the way. much easier to deal with than the bigger ones. but, in my living room i also have my 1955 Hammond M3. so, anyone know the best way to connect the hammond M3 to the leslie 3300? i see according to the manual that I can use both 11 pin and 8 pin simultaneously. I have a leslie 147 kit on the hammond m3...
  11. Hello everybody! nice to see a healty nice Hammond forum up and running. I just want some viewpoints from you. I have a 1955 Hammond M3( with new capacitors and foldback) I have one small leslie cabinet (142/145, but two leslie amps, the 122 and the 147. witch one would you prefer to use for my organ? and why? if I understand correct, then the Hammond M3 does NOT have Balanced output and then the 147 amp would be the most correct to use?